Urethane Flooring Contractor in Melbourne

Urethane Flooring Contractor in Melbourne & Suburb Area

A graceful floor in your home is the trend of the moment! 


What properties do you want on the floor of your room? Is it practical functionality or aesthetic aspect? A floor in any place is an important part that determines the atmosphere and the feeling of the space in which you live and work. Here is exactly when the urethane floor adds value to your space with its functioning and elegance.


Urethane or Polyurethane coating on concrete floors is ideally suited for homes and offices. These floor systems are seamless, very maintenance-friendly, and have a long lifespan. The sleek appearance makes your floor complete and shows the shine.


Tuff Build is the Urethane flooring contractor in Melbourne to fulfil all your flooring needs in home or office. Our experience in PU floor coating ensures they are finished smoothly and very flat. Your polished floor creates a spacious appearance. Our Polyurethane resin floors are highly elastic, crack bridging, and colorfast, in contrast to cement-bound and other resin floors.


Industry Leader  


With over 10 years of experience, Tuff Build is the undisputed market leader in the installation of high-quality urethane floors. The seamless, wear-resistant, and easy-to-clean systems have been developed for both industrial and commercial applications without compromising on design and innovation.


Quality Work from Beginning to End

We work directly with you to install a functional floor for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. We work on installing a new floor or modernize the old one with urethane floor coating.


Performance & protection  

Chemical-resistant and slip-resistant urethane floors protect your work environment from chemical attacks or thermal changes. Stain-resistant qualities keep your home floor clear and resistant to daily wear and tear.


Distinction & Design  

Market-specific color collections, custom logos, patterns and textures of your choice that guarantee a great design.


Characteristics of Urethane Flooring

  • The floor is seamless
  • It’s liquid-tight; easy to clean. Adequate for people with a house dust allergy
  • Any color combination is possible
  • Excellent to combine with underfloor heating
  • Easy to maintain
  • Slightly elastic, will not tear and can also be applied to less stable surfaces
  • Has a somewhat sound dampening effect, which means less ‘contact noise’


Urethane floor coating  

Urethane floor coating in melbournePolyurethane floor, due to its sleek, seamless character of the floor, fits perfectly in a modern interior. Also, it can be installed seamlessly over an existing substrate. This floor is slightly elastic, does not tear, and is easy to maintain.
When is a polyurethane floor interesting?


For both residential and commercial! Earlier, these floors were mainly used in offices or industrial spaces. However, due to having versatile characters, they have now found their way into homes. A polyurethane floor fits particularly well in a modern home. Our urethane floor features a warm concrete floor with a homely appearance.


No maintenance: If you are looking for a floor that requires no maintenance and is very easy to clean, then a polyurethane floor is the right choice.

Combine with underfloor heating: Do you have underfloor heating, or are you planning to have it installed? Then a polyurethane floor can be laid over it without any problem. This is because the floor is slightly elastic and therefore cannot tear when there is a difference in heat.


Intended dampening: In addition, the floor has a sound damping effect so that you and any neighbors below will be less bothered by contact noise (e.g., moving chairs).

Are you looking for the best urethane flooring contractors in Melbourne? Your search ends here at Tuff Build. Let us improve the quality and durability of your floors. For all your flooring needs, contact us for a FREE quote.