If you have an industrial facility, a commercial space or a community building? These places might need a new floor coating. But which floor coating to choose from? There are a lot of floor coatings available in the market. Making a good choice from among different floor coatings can get difficult if you are not an expert.

Seeking professional epoxy flooring experts’ advice is important because this step involves a huge amount. Also, getting a new floor is not an everyday thing. Once you get it, you would not want to spend on it right after a year or even after that. Getting a new floor means a once in a lifetime investment- both financially and emotionally. So, to make a big decision like this, hiring a professional epoxy installer is vital. You can contact Tuff Build, the best epoxy flooring service provider in Melbourne.  

For the industrial, commercial and residential places, you can go for concrete flooring but this option is not so supportive in today’s time because there are some other better options available such as urethane and epoxy coating. These are two of the most common choices.  

Urethane and epoxy might look similar to an untrained eye, but if we see practically, these both have different properties.  

In this blog, you will see some benefits and drawbacks of each flooring type. So, let us get started: 

The Pros of Epoxy Coatings 

An epoxy floor coating is a two-part system which results in a hard and durable surface.  

If your workspace is such that it has to accommodate heavy traffic, an epoxy coating that is shock-resistant must be used. It helps in protecting your floor from long-term impacts of dropping heavy loads and driving.   

Epoxy is available in different colours which also makes it a great choice among other flooring types. For instance, epoxy is good for 5S-floor stripping applications as well as for creating attention-grabbing designs and patterns.   

Additionally, epoxy is resistant to both chemicals and water. If your establishment uses a significant amount of liquids in daily life, the epoxy coating stops moisture from leaking into the floor, making the clean-up easier and protecting the concrete below from any damage.  

The Pros of Urethane Coatings 

pros of urethane coatings 

Urethane coatings are abrasion-resistant and more color-retentive than epoxy coating. Urethane floor coatings can last longer and look better than epoxy. This flooring type is designed to protect it from UV-rays, light and abrasions. If you have an industrial space, a lot of heavy activities will be supported by this floor type.    

Just like Epoxy, Urethane is also available in different colours, but can also be applied clearly so that existing textures and colours of the floor can show through.  

The surface preparation for urethane floor coatings is not usually as intense as other flooring processes. Just like epoxy, urethane can adhere to previous finishes, so existing coatings do not always have to be removed before the installation.  

The Cons of Epoxy Coatings 

Unfortunately, it is a time-consuming process. This actually is not a drawback but a feature that shows careful consideration and conscious installation takes time.    

Time is important because anything done in a hurry leads to damage. The most important step in installing an epoxy floor coating is preparing the surface. The preparation of concrete has to be done thoroughly. All the coatings can be installed with all traces of oil residues.   

This is because the epoxy coating cannot adhere to marginally prepared surfaces that results in potential floor coating failure. 

While an epoxy coating is strong, it is believed that it will not be permanent. This is not the case, though!  

Even though the floor can withstand heavy impacts, chipping, cracking takes place if heavy objects are dropped regularly without giving much attention.  

The Cons of Urethane Coatings 

While the surface preparation process for urethane coatings, in some examples, may not have to be as extensive as it is for epoxy, the installation process takes time. What you get in return is – a durable, practical, indestructible and long-lasting industrial facility floor.  

Which One to Go For? 

Both will prove to be the best, depending on your requirements. If you are unable to make a wise decision, you must contact experts at Tuff Build, epoxy flooring service providers in Melbourne.    

We would be glad to help you in making the right choice for your floor. So, contact us now and get a free quote.  

Why Choose Epoxy Experts?
Epoxy Experts

Hiring an expert can provide a lot of advantages which include expertise in epoxy floors, convenience, cost-efficiency, speed of installation, quality installation and more. 

Epoxy flooring experts will give you the expertise needed to get the job done in the right way.  

The epoxy flooring installation process might seem easy but it is not. Handling epoxy and resins requires some practice because even if you get a bit late, epoxy and resin harden and are of no use later. 

An experienced epoxy flooring contractor will get the job done quickly and at a lower cost. They will also have enough knowledge that would result in higher quality floor finish. Other benefits of hiring an expert are as follows:  

  • Prevent costly errors 
  • Incredible outcomes 
  • Timely completion 
  • Focus on safety 
  • Professional appearance  
  • Environmentally-friendly tools 

So, what are you waiting for now? Drop us a call and get all the above benefits. Contact Tuff Build, the best epoxy flooring service provider in Melbourne