Sealing a painted concrete floor is a crucial step as it adds an extra layer of protection on the top of the floor surface. 

If the painted concrete surface floor is in an area which experiences heavy footfall or if it contains a lot of heavy furniture, it becomes important to protect the floor’s paint from flaking, peeling, wearing off, and getting scratched.   

Available in two finishes; 

  • Concrete sealant in matte. 
  • Concrete sealant in glossy finish. 

Here are some steps that you must follow in order to seal a painted concrete sealer. 

  • If the room has furniture, remove all of it because you would want a completely blank space to apply sealant. Do not just push the furniture from one point to another. Make sure the furniture is completely out of the room. Empty rooms will ensure an evenly covered floor and will also not risk staining of the furniture.   
  • Clean the floor thoroughly. Sweep the whole floor. Remove the dirt and debris. Use a broom and dustpan or you can also use a vacuum to get rid of all the debris. This is important because the debris may get trapped beneath the sealant which can affect the final outcome of the way the sealant looks on the floor. Dust and dirt are the enemies of the sealant. These can cause the sealant to flake and can even leave them discolored.   
  • If you do not want any stains, apply painter’s tape to the bottom of the walls. Start from one corner and work your way along every wall. Do not forget to apply the painter’s tape where the floor and the wall meet.   
  • Protection is better than cure might seem cliché but this should be practiced well. So, wear personal protective gear because inhaling the concrete sealant unconsciously can also affect health. To prevent any such situation from happening, just open doors and windows. Let there be ventilation. 
  • For the edges, use a brush for even paint throughout the floor. It also ensures that the sealant is applied to the very edge of the wall, without even using a roller.   
  • Attach a long arm to a roller brush and start applying the sealant onto the painted concrete floor. Make sure you start from one side of the room, and work towards the door to avoid painting yourself. Paint the concrete sealant right up to the brush strokes around the edges of the wall by blending both of them together.
  • Let the sealant dry up completely. For that, you must also follow the manufacturer’s instructions about how much drying time is required. You must consider something such as setting up the fans in new spaces with low ventilation.  
  • After the first coat, the second coat is applied, if desired. The second coat can also even out any undesirable results from the first coat and would provide painted concrete with an extra layer of protection. However, the extra coat may not be needed if the area is not used quite often.  

Things you would need are basic but necessary. 

·      Broom 

·      Dust pan 

·      Vacuum 

·      Painter’s tape 

·      Epoxy sealant 

·      Paint brush 

·      Long-armed paint roller 

So, irrespective of the type of floor you have, whether it is painted concrete sealer or it is not a painted concrete sealer, the steps would remain the same. If you are looking forward to getting your concrete floor sealed, then contact Tuff Build concrete floor sealer Melbourne  

Benefits of Sealing Painted Concrete Floor  

Sealing Painted Concrete Floor

Having concrete in a lot of places at home no doubt makes it appealing. However, it also requires timely maintenance just to avoid deterioration, stains and cracks.   

So, how do you prevent your concrete from damaging? The answer is hiring a reputable concrete sealing contractor like Tuff Build, concrete floor sealer Melbourne.  

Concrete sealers serve as a barrier between concrete driveways and outside factors like grease, snow, ice, and dirt. Most people do not use concrete sealers because they think that it does not require any maintenance.   

Factors that Can Damage Unsealed Concrete 

Factors that Can Damage Unsealed Concrete 

The following are the factors that have the potential to damage the concrete driveway.  

  • Aggregate expansion
  • Weather disintegration
  • Delamination
  • Chemical damage

Now, let us look at the benefits: 

Repels Moisture 

Even though concrete is considered a long-lasting material, it gets damaged from the inside if it is exposed to constant moisture. It might grow molds or moss that can weaken the concrete. But if you get it sealed, it can help in repelling the moisture. 

Prevents Color from Fading  

Prevents Color from Fading floor

Most people prefer using a driveway concrete sealer as it enhances the color of stamped and exposed aggregate concrete, therefore making it look shiny and vibrant. Also, sealing a concrete floor keeps the colour from fading. If you want your floor to give a great look, then there is nothing wrong with considering hiring a concrete sealing contractor.   

Prevents Cracks 

This is another benefit. It prevents cracks and the formation of frost heave on the floor. The sealing seals all the small holes which also helps in minimizing cracking. 

Resists Stains 

Resists Stains floor

Concrete sealing helps in resisting stains which is good for the patios, driveways, garages, and pool deck. You do not have to worry about staining the concrete with grease and any such chemicals. All you need to do is wipe the stain and clean the floor in a manner that nothing has ever happened. 

Lasts Longer 

Concrete sealing will make your concrete driveway last longer than ever. An average concrete lasts for less than 20 years, if it is not taken care of in a correct way. A concrete driveway sealing can last over 30 years. Concrete sealing is one of the cost-effective methods because it is less expensive to reconstruct the driveway. 


How often you need to reseal the concrete will depend on the product you have used and in what condition it is. This is the reason it is recommended to have an expert concrete sealing contractor like Tuff Build, because we know what is best for you. To know more about our services, contact us now.