Epoxy is now a popular choice among people for their homes, offices, and garages. This is because it is low in maintenance and is easy to install.   

Apart from the comfort that Epoxy brings in terms of care it needs, Epoxy floors give an appealing look. Epoxy looks the best when applied for Garage Flooring Melbourne.  

Epoxy is now available in colours as well. In fact, you can also add coloured flake chips on the floor to make it vibrant. A variety of patterns can also be used to make the garage floor look exciting.  

Epoxy on garage floor can last almost a lifetime, provided you take good care of it. Maintaining and caring for garage flooring in Melbourne is also not a big deal. All you need is a bit of cleaning once in a while and some spot cleaning in case any oil or chemical spills happen.  

Replacing a garage floor will be a rare chance. For example, you might need replacement if the garage epoxy floor is not installed properly. Also, this can happen when the epoxy floor is not installed by professional epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne. If you are looking forward to getting epoxy on the garage floor, contact Tuff Build, a flooring contractor in Melbourne. 

Tips To Keep Your Garage Floor Unharmed 

Here are some tips that can help you in keeping the garage epoxy flooring new.   

Most people opt for epoxy flooring in their garages because these floors are resilient. The epoxy in garages can survive chemical spills, water damage and mold. Once you install this type of flooring, the floors will hardly need daily maintenance. Practically the floor maintains itself. Yes. You do not have to worry about cleaning epoxy (other than a typical sweep and mop every once in a while) because the water-tight surface of the epoxy floor will not absorb any liquids. 

How Long Does It Last? 

As long as your epoxy floor has been installed by a professional, it can last for up to 30 years. Essentially, it can last as long as you take good care of the floor and does not cause any damage.  

Most of the time, such flooring needs replacement after it gets cracked.  

As long as you avoid dropping heavy items on the floor, it will stay intact. Try that the floor does not crack, or get a dent or a chip on the surface. Little precautions will make your floor last longer.  

Does the Lifespan of Epoxy Floor Vary? 

Epoxy flooring can last almost a lifetime—or it can last even last for a few years. If your garage flooring in Melbourne is not standing up to the elements, it is quite possible that it was not installed properly.  

Here are some of the biggest installation mistakes that result in a short lifespan of the Garage flooring: 

  • Improper base surface preparation. 
  • Incorrect thickness of the application. 
  • Subpar top coat application. 
  • Unsound concrete flooring. 

Poor installation is one of the major reasons your garage flooring might need a replacement.   

It is important for you to install this flooring properly otherwise it will get cracks and chips in the near future.  

Before installing your epoxy on the garage floor, you need to make sure your concrete is clean and free of dust.  

Signs Your Epoxy Floor Needs Replacement 

The most evident signs that your epoxy on garage floor needs replacing are creases, dents and cracks. 

Cracks may look like fine lines in the beginning but if left unattended, the cracks can also lead to larger dents in the garage flooring, Melbourne.  

Even though you might think that you do not need to replace the flooring, you might want to address the issue as early as possible.  

The cracks can allow moisture to build up underneath the floor and lead to molding and staining. Once moisture gets underneath the epoxy, it enlarges the crack.   

You may notice large divots and bumps in your garage flooring when rolling carts over the floor. These will only worsen if you leave the crack to grow further.  

If you want to learn more about epoxy flooring service, contact us, i.e., Tuff Build, flooring contractors in Melbourne. 

  • Shrinkage: Even relatively new concrete slabs can develop cracks because the material shrinks with time. Cracks formed through shrinkage are usually shallow and create a three-point star or a spider-web pattern on the surface.  
  • Settlement: These are severe cracks that penetrate inside the concrete floor. The settlement cracks occur when the ground settles beneath the slab and splits in half. 
  • Temperature Changes: Concrete contracts and expands with the changing seasons. If water enters cracks and freezes, it can worsen the crack.  

To avoid any cracks on the floor, epoxy floor coating is the best solution. If your floor gets cracked, epoxy flooring installers repair the damage before applying a new epoxy coating. 


The garage floor is always subjected to oil leaks, hard water stains, dirty tire marks and paint spatters. These can permanently stain the concrete floor surface.   

Fortunately, a new epoxy coating on the garage flooring covers the damage and offers a protective surface against future stains. If you accidentally spill anything on the garage floor, all you would need is a wet rag or a mop to restore the surface to its former beauty.  

Pits and Corrosion 

If your garage floor is painted or if it has another type of coating, it is likely to pit and corrode with years.  

If you want your garage floor to look like a new floor, it is essential to repair and refinish it.  

The beauty and longevity of epoxy is all because of its thick, high-quality, stain-resistant features. With an attractive slip-resistant finish, your garage will look great and it will remain a safe place to work and play for a number of years to come.  

If you are interested in getting epoxy on garage flooring, drop us a call at Tuff Build, epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne.