The epoxy floor in garages is not something to be surprised about because today epoxy is used in almost every household, commercial, as well as non-commercial places. Even though epoxy in garages could be the best choice, the floor can seem to get riddled with dirt, oil stains, and debris from regular moment of automobiles.  

Although maintenance of epoxy is not a rocket science, you still need to be cautious of the floor while taking care of it.  

Garage doors can be cleaned using different methods. But when it comes to cleaning garage floors, here are the things you must keep in mind.  

  • Do not use harsh detergent or any chemical. 
  • Clean with soft hands (for easy stains). 
  • Do consult experts in case of doubt. 

People often clean their garage epoxy floors by themselves but here’s a question that needs an answer. Can you or should you power wash a garage floor? If yes, then how? 

Keep reading, this blog will answer all your doubts.   

Epoxies last for decades but at a condition that is when these are duly taken care of. There is no magic wand that you can move over the epoxy and it remains as if it is still new. Cleaning here and there a few times a week, or spot cleaning the floor in case of a chemical or oil spill is absolutely needed. You cannot deny that or neither can you run away from it.  

However, sometimes, deep power cleaning is needed to get rid of tough stains.  

What is Power Washing? 

What is Power Washing in garage

Power washing is the method of cleaning in which high-pressure stream of very hot water is used to do away with the dirt and materials gathered on the garage epoxy floor. 

The combination of the temperature and high pressure helps in removing even the most stubborn stain on the floor.  

Do not confuse power washing with pressure washing. 

The former is done using extremely hot water and the latter is done at home using high pressure water but the temperature is not too hot. 

To get your garage epoxy floors power washed, you might need an expert but for the latter, you can do it all by yourself.  

Removing tough stains on the epoxy floors can take hours if done manually. So, if your garage epoxy floor has got hard-to-remove grease or paint spots, power washing will prove to be the best method.  

Why Choose Power Washing?  

  • The pressure from a power washer will help in lifting stains from the concrete. 
  • A degreasing agent will help in breaking down the molecules of oil stains from garage epoxy floors. 

As already said above, concrete flooring is a durable flooring option, it can also stain easily, especially if it does not have a finish.  

Why Choose Power Washing

Power washing is a wise and a viable option to deep clean your garage epoxy floor without having to indulge in any manual labor of scrubbing and brushing.  

Elements of Power Washing Garage Epoxy Floor 

Elements of Power Washing Garage Epoxy Floor

Right cleaning agent, power washer, and manpower is all that you would need to quickly get away with the tough spots from your garage epoxy floors.  

The process is not that long. In just a matter of seconds, you will get a brand-new garage floor. This will not only save you enough time, but will also be much easier on your physical health.  

For better results, you would need a high-quality concrete cleaner and a degreaser.  

Now, let us go through the steps to deep cleaning, power washing the garage floor.  

Steps To Power Wash Your Garage Floor 

Steps To Power Wash Your Garage Floor

Here are the things that you need: 

  • A power washer with multiple settings 
  • An effective cleaning agent with a degreaser 
  • Towels or cleaning cloths 
  • Scraper tools for painting stains 
  • Scrub brushes 
  • 2-gallon buckets 
  • Tarps and small plastic bags 

Once you have gathered all the elements, let’s get going.  

Sweep the Garage Epoxy Floor 

Sweep the Garage Epoxy Floor

Start by sweeping the floor. Use a push brush or a deck brush. You would want to remove dirt and debris as much as possible so that you are not moving it around different areas of the floor. So, get rid of it.  

Pretreat Tough Grease Stains 

Use a degreasing agent and pre-treat the grease stains. Scrub the agent into the stained area with a deck brush. Also, let the saying soak anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes before moving onto the next step.  

Cover Up Furniture and Other Items 

Cover Up Furniture and Other Items Power Wash your garage

While you take up the cleaning part of your garage floor, make sure everything else is kept tidy.  

Before starting the process, cover your furniture properly to avoid any damage. Also, cover up electrical outlets, wires, and light fixtures.  

Set the Pressure Washer 

It is important to find the right PSI (Pressure Per Square Inch) setting for the pressure washer. This is to avoid damaging the concrete floors. Epoxy floors can take more pressure than other surfaces like vinyl siding.  Generally, it is best to stay within a PSI limit of about 3,000 to avoid any damage to the floor.  

If your pressure washer does not have the setting just keep the temperature low and conduct a small test.  

Prepare the Cleaning Solution 

Prepare the Cleaning Solution for garage

Pour a diluted cleaning solution in the bucket and then add a gallon or two of water as per recommendation. Mix the solution so that it is evenly distributed. Then, pour the solution into the reservoir of the power washer and fill it up. 

Finally, Power Wash the Garage Epoxy Floor 

This is the last step. Once you are ready with the solution and the equipment, just power wash the floor. Hold the power washer over the floor at a distance of about one foot.  

Deep Clean the Garage floor 

Deep Clean the Garage floor

Garage is used only for storing vehicles and automobiles. However, you would still need to clean it deeply to prevent it from turning into a storage room.  

  1. Conduct a quick inspection and determine what things you need to go with. Also make a list of things you plan to toss, sell, or even give away. 
  1. Remove everything from the space and make sure you separate the things that you plan to put back in the place.  
  1. Prepare your cleaning solution and materials and then put them in a garage. 
  1. Take a broom or deck brush and sweep the garage. 
  1. Get the duster and dust the cabinets, shelves, and other items. Also, cover the electrical outlets, lights, and others to prevent them from getting wet. 
  1. Take a power washer and go over your garage floor using a cleaning agent.  

Can Power Washing Damage Epoxy Floor?  

Can Power Washing Damage Epoxy Floor

Epoxy can withstand a PSI of up to 3,000. Any higher than that and you will be risking the floor with scratches. If the floor does not have a clean finish, you may notice light marks where the surface has been slightly scratched.  

Oftentimes, you will hear the terms like power washing and pressure washing interchangeably. But both are actually quite different to each other.  

The biggest difference between the two is that a pressure washer uses cold water and a power washer uses hot water. 

Also, power washers are heavier than pressure washers because power washers have heating coil located inside the units. Power washers are also recommended to clean concrete and hard services like bricks and stones.  

Go With the Best!  

The way you will choose to clean your garage floor will completely depend on the floor type. For instance, if it is epoxy, you can definitely go for power cleaning, but if it is some other floor, you can just clean it using normal washing solution at home.  

If you have an unfinished concrete floor, you can use a deck brush. However, if your floor has an epoxy finish, you can use a squeegee mop or even a deck brush to clean the floor properly. 


Power washing is a great way to lift tough stains which otherwise may take a long time to get rid of. While using the power washing technique, ensure to use the best practices as discussed above.  

In case your garage does not have an epoxy floor, it’s probably the time to get one because it is a life-time of investment.  

Benefits of Epoxies: 

  • These last longer. 
  • These are durable, sturdy, and provide a great finish. 
  • Appealing to eyes. 
  • Enhances the aesthetics of the place.    

There is no reason you should not have an epoxy floor at your place. Contact Tuff Build, the best epoxy flooring partner in Melbourne.