Even if you do not bless your epoxy floor, it has got immense strength of its own to live as long as a decade or even more. But do you know what you actually need to add life to your epoxy floors?

The answer is maintenance. A little care every now and then will go a long way in increasing the life span of your epoxy floor. The best part of epoxy is that these do not need regular care. The epoxy floor will demand your least attention but will give you excellent results.

Do not mistake this by giving zero attention to epoxy. If any chemical, oil or any stubborn substance stays on the floor unattended for days, it can certainly damage the floor from that particular area. So, to avoid any such situation that forces you to spend a little more every year on the epoxy floor would not be a wise choice.

However, as said, if you give your floor due attention, the epoxy will live longer than you expect.

Do You Know How Experts Make the Epoxy Raisin Last Longer?

epoxy raisin

By increasing the temperature. The ideal temperature for curing raisin is 75-85ºF / 24-30ºc. The cure time of resin is affected by temperature: Warmer temperatures facilitate curing while colder temperatures slow down the curing process. In order to cure the resin faster, just place a space heater or heat the lamp near your piece to make the process fast. Once the resin floor is installed, make sure you allow proper time for it to cure. It would need at least 24 hours to dry up. If you attempt to make changes, it is likely to bend.

How to Extend the Life of Your Epoxy Floor?

If you want to extend the life of your epoxy floor beyond its expiration date, here we have tracked down the advice from our past customers. Let us see what they say.

Complete the Regular Maintenance Task

Once you get an epoxy floor installed, the length of its lifespan will truly depend on how you treat it. To maintain its quality and shine as it had on the first day then you should plan to sweep the floor, if not daily, at least a few times a week. This will remove dust, grit and even dirt, keeping your floor tidy.

You can clean it using a mild scrubber once a week to maintain its luster.

Re-apply Coating, If Needed

When your epoxy floor receives a lot of traffic on a daily basis, you might have to create a plan to reapply the coating in a few years. This happens in the case of commercial properties that receive heavy traffic or foot fall. If you want your epoxy floor to look brand new even after some time, then feel free to consider re-coating the floor with epoxy as a necessity.

Hire a Professional Epoxy Installer

professional epoxy installers

Do not go by the DIY option. It might seem exciting but can make you spend a lot of money if things go wrong. So, to get the best results in a single shot, just contact the professional epoxy installer. The experts will ensure the usage of quality products. Professional installers are trained to create and apply the perfect floor coating for any type of surface such as commercial or residential. In fact, you also get to receive an excellent return on your valuable investment.

Epoxy Floor for Your Garage

Adding epoxy coating to your garage floor helps in protecting concrete from moisture, grease, stains and other issues. Unless you keep your epoxy floor in a tidy and good condition, it will last longer and even the concrete underneath it will not suffer. However, here are some tips that you can follow to extend the life of your epoxy floor.

The tips will also help in saving money and you will enjoy numerous benefits.

Keep the Floor Clean

As already said above, cleanliness is the key. Whether the epoxy floor is in the garage, or any other area of the house, keeping it clean is of utmost importance. You do not have to do heavy cleaning every day. Just use a dust mop or a soft-bristle push broom to remove dirt and other debris that can put a scratch on your epoxy floor.

If you allow the grime to accumulate, then you may have a hard time cleaning the floor. Quick cleaning once a week will save you time and effort.

If your epoxy floor has got saw cuts or construction joints, you should clean them too at least once per month. Your vacuum’s hose attachment will suck all the dirt out of the joints very easily. By putting so much effort, you will get a more attractive floor which will not suffer any damage from the hard items. It is also important to clean any spills as soon as they happen. Even though epoxy floors are extremely durable, these can get damaged through grease, oil and water. The damage may not happen quickly, but you can still clean the mess before you even forget about it. If it is left untouched, uncleaned for too long, even water will start to degrade.

Use Safe Cleaning Products on the Epoxy Floor

By using the safe cleaning products on your epoxy floor, you will divert a lot of damage. Many people prefer cleaning their epoxy floors using just half a cup of ammonia diluted in gallons of water. You can even use an ammonia-based cleaner.

You can even use products that are acid-free. However, you can use a solution with vinegar as it will give a pleasant scent. On the other hand, using harsh acidic material can eat away the epoxy at once.

It is also suggested not to use soap and any dishwashing liquid on your epoxy floor. Even though these products will not damage the epoxy, they can leave an unattractive film on the surface.

Repair Damage, If Any, As Soon As Possible

Even if you take good care of your epoxy floor, it is quite possible that the epoxy can get damaged. You can just repair small damage immediately like minor cracks in high-traffic areas. The sooner you get the affected area repaired, the easier it gets to minimize the damage. If left alone, stains, cracks, and scratches can even spread to the other parts of your floor. If that happens, you will have a difficult time making decisions about getting the floor repaired or replaced.

Use Walk-Off Mats

Walk-off mats will protect your epoxy floor from water, snow, ice and even dirt. Place the floor mat at each entry so that people can wipe their feet even before stepping on the floor. A basic floor mat will also do the job effectively.

For the areas that receive high-traffic, you may want to put a long walk-off mat. It will protect your epoxy from the hard objects which can get stuck in your shoe tread. You would not want a rock or even a nail to create damage to your floor.

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