We all know how famous epoxy flooring is and how it becomes the number one choice for everyone. Cost-effective, easy to install, durability there are many more exciting features of Epoxy flooring. And the best thing is that it can be used for both commercial and residential. The high gloss and professional finish catch everyone’s attention. If you want to install this type of flooring, here is an easy do-it-yourself guide or you can hire the best epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne.   

In this blog, we are going to share an overview of epoxy flooring applications for both commercial and residential. Have a look: –  

Ensure Your Floor Is Suitable for Epoxy 

floor fSuitable for Epoxy 

Epoxy floors are robust, easy to maintain,and resistant to chemicals


The first step you have to do is to check moisture. For this, you need a plastic garbage bag and place it on all four sides of the floor for 24 hours. After 24 hours, lift the garbage bag softly to see if moisture is accumulated or not. If it’s completely dry, then your floor is perfect for epoxy coating. However, if there has been moisture, then your floor is not appropriate for epoxy.   

In the next step, you need to check for indications of a concealer on the concrete. All you have to do is to take 240 ml of water on the surface to check whether it dabs up. If it does, the floor is not a great choice for epoxy coating.   

At last, remove paint from the floor before applying an epoxy coating. If you ignore this then it will not work properly. With the help of soda blasting, you can easily remove paint from the floor. Once the paint is removed properly clean the floor with water and remove the excess powder or debris utilizing an industrial vacuum.  

Clean and Prime the Floor   

Clean and Prime the Floor 

If you see any kind of grease and oil stains on the floor remove them immediately by using the industrial degreaser and let the floor dry. After that use a high-pressure washer to remove the remaining impurities or any kind of dust.   

Now it’s time to apply the epoxy primer to your floor. It is necessary to pay attention to this step as it gives your surface a longer life. Make sure that the house room is properly ventilated before applying epoxy primer. The two layers of epoxy coating are required to seal the surface properly.   

Choose Your Preferred Epoxy Product For Mixing  

Product epoxy flooring

Now it’s time to choose between water and solvent-based epoxies. Also, you have to decide whether you are going to choose epoxy primer or epoxy flooring material. If you choose primer, it will give you a smoother finishing or shiny look and this is only possible when your floor is highly porous, flaky, rough, and chalky.  

However, if you choose to apply the epoxy coating you need a lot of things such as protective gear, lung protection, gloves, eye protection, and good rubber boots.   

Installing The Epoxy Flooring  

Installing The Epoxy Flooring  

Start from the back corner of the room by using the nap roller. Make sure that the roller cannot dry too much before applying epoxy primer. Make your work easier by utilizing an extension on your roller.   

Leave it for 24 hours and avoid stepping into the room as it cures. Basically, the standard epoxy and epoxy primer comes in two parts. So, you have to mix them properly at a one-time right before application.   

The epoxy kits come pre-measured and it has to be utilized within 40 minutes otherwise the epoxy may harden and get difficult to use. The next step is to apply the first coat of epoxy with the same roller and start from the back corner as you move towards the exit. Keep one thing in mind that the coat is thin and even. Leave it for 24 hours. Once it’s dry properly, apply the second coat just in case if you see any kind of holes and cracks. When the second coat dries, try not to go into the room before 24 hours are over.   

Tip: if you see any kind of cracks use the epoxy filler and fill all the cracks properly.  

Where You Can Install Epoxy Flooring?  

You can install epoxy flooring in various areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages, locker rooms, showrooms, sports venues, basement, swimming pool area, and many more. If you have any questions regarding epoxy flooring or its coating, feel free to contact us