The basement of your house is as important as the rest of the area. So, your basement also deserves to look good. The affordable, easy, and best way is by getting epoxy flooring on the basement.

Epoxy by far would prove to be the best choice for the basement because epoxies are waterproof, easy to maintain, resistant to mold, and durable. Also, it provides a stunning finish to the floor. If you are thinking of getting epoxy flooring for the basement, contact the best epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne. Call the team of Tuff Build for a free quote, and get the work started.

In order to epoxy any floor, be it of garage, home, office, or any other premises, the steps to the epoxy floor remain almost the same. When it comes to epoxy coating the basement, there is a little difference in the pattern. This is the reason you must get epoxy flooring services from professionals in Melbourne. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits are also available but you must take it only when you have thorough knowledge of the process.

The very first step i.e., mixing the two main components i.e., resin and hardener itself requires expertise. Anything less or more can lead to wastage and cost you more later on. So, to avoid doubling of work, it is advised to contact epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne.

How do Experts Go About Epoxy Basement Flooring?

First of all, the surface preparation is done to epoxy the floor; be it any.

The steps include the following:

Prepping the concrete floor

Clean the floor

Dry it out

Sand the floor

How do Experts Go About Epoxy Basement Flooring

The fundamentals of surface preparation are important because the success of the epoxy application depends not only on the strength of the epoxy, but also on how well the epoxy adjusts to the surface. The above steps are crucial to primary and secondary epoxy bonding operations.

5 Reasons You Should Epoxy Your Basement Floor

Irrespective of where you get epoxy flooring done, the features and the characteristics of epoxy remains the same. Here are the five reasons why adding epoxy coating to the basement floor is a no-brainer.

Waterproof And Resistant to Mold

Waterproof And Resistant to Mold

Basement floors are common breeding grounds for mildew, mold, and other harmful bacteria. If your basement remains damp, protection against moisture is essential to prevent health risks and water damage. Epoxy gives your basement floor protection from moisture, prevents leaks, spills from seeping into the floor below and causing any structural damage. Water sits on top of epoxy and makes it easy to clean. Not just this, epoxy is also resistant to germs and bacteria, eliminates mold or mildew issues for the basement floor.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

Easy To Clean and Maintain

Epoxy will make your life much easier because these are easy to clean. An epoxy basement floor coating requires little time to touch up. It gives the area a smooth surface which makes it easy to clean. The topcoat of the floor is resistant to dust, dirt, and stains. It allows you to quickly vacuum up or mop away any dirt accumulated, if any. Epoxy coating is also slip-resistant, therefore prevents accidents and falls.

Provides Strong and Durable Protection

Provides Strong and Durable Protection

Another major feature of epoxy is its durability. Getting a floor done is a one-time, long-term investment. So, you would need something that protects your concrete flooring. Because of its durability, epoxy is a common choice not only among home owners, but also for commercial building owners.

The epoxy coat is sturdy and covers the floor beneath from cracks and stains. Once you get these floors, it takes decades or more for epoxy to wear and peel away.

Easy Application

Easy Application of epoxy flooring

Epoxy application is not a rocket science. However, it is suggested to get it done from the professional epoxy coating contractors in Melbourne.

In many cases, people even just roll paint on the floor. But if you want better and long-lasting results, it is better to hire professionals to get the job done. Their expertise can make a huge difference because you will not have to shell out money every now and then for touch-ups.

Gives A Stunning Finish

Epoxy is not just good for its durability and strength, but also it leaves a beautiful finish to the basement floor. Now gone are the days when epoxy was just available in single color. Today, you name it and you will get epoxy in same color. You can even get custom designs and style on the basement floor and match it with the rest of the space. So, whether you prefer bright colors or light, an epoxy basement floor will give the perfect finishing touch to the floor.

How Much Does Epoxy Cost?

If money is not the only factor, then answer to the question that are epoxy flooring coatings worth it or not would be a resounding yes. If you get epoxy flooring, you will not only pay for the resin and hardener, but also for the labor. So, the overall cost will depend on two major factors.

Apart from the above two, the total cost will also vary based on the type of coating you choose, the surface area of your floor, how damaged the floor is and the contractor you hire.

Your decision will have a huge impact on the final results. So, choose wisely!

To know which floor coating will suit your space, you should contact the best flooring solution contractor in Melbourne. The experts will be able to guide you right on this, therefore you will definitely get the best results. Doing it yourself may save you a lot of cost in the beginning, but later on, you may have to regret over the decision. Because applying 100% solid epoxy coating is not as easy as it may seem. So, it must be handled by a professional itself.

Lifespan of Epoxy Floors

Lifespan of Epoxy Floors for basement

The epoxy floors are durable. Typically, the epoxy floors last two to three years for places with heavy traffic. Commercial properties such as garages, restaurants, and factory spaces that get a lot of footfalls can expect this experience. With proper care and maintenance, the epoxy floor can last longer too especially in the case of residential spaces. So, if you are thinking to get epoxy flooring for the basement or inside your house, then relax for another ten to twenty years. Call us now and get a free quote!