Epoxy floors are easy to maintain. They do not require much of your time, money, and effort. All they need is a bit of care and attention. This is the primary reason why people choose to get epoxy floors for their residential and commercial places.   

But here’s a twist, only the floor with a fine finish will be able to earn good care and maintenance. So, if you choose to get epoxy floors, those must be well-installed. For the best epoxy flooring services in Melbourne, contact the team of Tuff Build and get premium flooring services.  


Not just the homes, many people also consider epoxy coating services especially for their garages because of the benefits it provides.    

  • Epoxy floors act as a protective layer.   
  • It protects the underlying concrete from stains, moisture, grease, and cracks.    
  • In the long run, epoxy floors save you a great deal on cleaning and maintenance costs too as it does not require regular cleaning.  

Garages require durable flooring surfaces because the heavy vehicles are often moved in and out and epoxy coated floors are considered the best because of their resilience and toughness. Also, it requires minimal maintenance to keep it intact and in shape. Even if you use the garage consistently, you can expect the floor to maintain its luster. However, you can only maintain its shine if you adhere to the following simple practices.    

Care for epoxy flooring solution simply through the following steps:   

Do Away with the Regular Dirt and Dust    

Do Away with the Regular Dirt and Dust

The very first step is the basic one. Keep the floor clean from dust and dirt. If the epoxy floor is installed in garages, every day, dirt and dust from vehicles will settle on the floor.  If the dust is not wiped off regularly, the floor may get a permanent dent and even a mark. To care for the epoxy floor, it is important for you to keep the floor dust and grit-free.        

If you fail to do it regularly, the grit may embed into the surface, therefore leading to a scratch on the epoxy floor surface. In fact, with time, multiple scratches can also show up, no matter how tough is the epoxy floor.    

How to Clean the Dirt and Grit?  

In order to keep the dirt away, you can use a shop vacuum. Also, you can choose a brush with soft bristles. Just remove the dirt gently with the brush. This will also prevent any scratches on the floor. It is recommended to dust mop at least once a week. The frequency can vary too depending on the dust accumulated on the surface.    

Things to Use  

You can use diluted ammonia as a cleaning solution. Use warm water to clean the epoxy floor. You can pour around 3 to 5 ounces of ammonia into a gallon of hot water. Then use that solution to mop the floors.   

Things to Avoid   

Here are some of the things you must not use;    

  • Harsh Chemicals – The products with citrus or vinegar in it should be avoided. Such harsh products remove the glossy finish from Epoxy Floors.    
  • Soap-Based Cleaner – Avoid using a soap-based cleaner. These cleaners leave overcasts on the floor that builds up the epoxy finish. It makes the floor dangerously slippery when wet.   

To do away with the dust, a deck brush and scrub brush will do the trick. Also, it will prevent any damage that may come from power washing.  

Also, it is suggested to place a walk-off mat to remove any dirt, snow, or water that can come from vehicles, and shoes.   

If you deep clean the area every month, your floor will stay in a good shape. Do it as per the need and requirement.   

Clean Up Chemicals on the Spot    

Clean Up Chemicals on the Spot 

Car oil, chemicals, gasoline, brake fluid, and antifreeze can be spot cleaned easily. When the oil is spilled, it is suggested to clean it on the spot with a paper towel or multi-purpose shop towel. No matter the type of chemical and regardless of its source, it must be cleaned immediately because the chemicals can cause headaches, allergic reactions, and respiratory issues.   

Although epoxy floor coatings can resist stains – another characteristic of this coating, the gas, and any motor oil can damage the epoxy floor, if left alone for too long.   

In case all-purpose cleaners, paint, or any course liquids are spilled on the Epoxy floor, they also need to be cleaned up as soon as possible.   

Battery acid should not be allowed to stay on the epoxy floor because it will lead to discoloration and it can damage the epoxy floor as well as the concrete below the epoxy coating.  

If the above-mentioned chemicals are not cleaned on time, the epoxy can lead to discoloration and can even start emitting a foul smell. Furthermore, it can also weaken the durability of the coating.   

Since chemical spills can happen quite frequently in the place with a moment of vehicles is more, it is advised to always neutralize the chemical agent in the garage.   

How to Clean Chemicals?   

  • Pro tip- Do not clean the chemical with water immediately after the spill.   
  • It is better to use a neutralizer to avoid unwanted reactions before washing it with water.   
  • After that, use a cleaning cloth such as chamois or rubber, or foam to get away with any liquid.  

Special Attention to Protect the Floor from Damages   

Prevention is better than cure. The saying goes well with the epoxy flooring too. Here’s how you can do it:  

  • Use floor mats and plywood as an extra platform.  
  • Make the area debris-free when dealing with heavy traffic. Debris can cause scratches on the surface.  
  • Use a welding mat for the whole welding area. The welding mat will shield the area from heat and splatters.   
  • While using lifters or jacks, place half-inch plywood as a platform. It will shield the floor from injuries.   
  • In the case of the home garage, set small mats under the bike stand to avoid any scratch on the epoxy floor coating.  
  • You can also use high-quality household floor wax for easy cleaning and added protection to the floor.   

Do Not Linger On – Just Spot Clean the Area   

In case, you are short of time, instead of cleaning the whole area, it is better to clean the spot where oil or any other item has been spilled. It is easier to spot clean the areas that need help. This method of spot cleaning is useful for the areas that have gathered dirt, or water.   

All you need to do is just sweep it, or vacuum the dirt.   

How to Do Spot Cleaning?   

  • For the liquid that has been spilled, first, remove the solid debris and gather the dirt with a degreaser and shop towel.   
  • The next step is to mop the area with hot water.    

Epoxy floors are water-resistant and are relatively faster to clean and maintain.   

Here’s a warning, the cleaning process will be easy if the floor installation is done with utmost care. To get the best epoxy flooring service in Melbourne, contact Tuff Build.   

  • In case of stains, use a soft scrubbing pad. The stain will be removed easily without you having to scrub it hard.   
  • Rusting is quite common in garages with heavy equipment. In case of rust spots, the procedure to remove stains will also be the same.  

Erase Tire Marks Easily   

Any mark on the epoxy flooring will not look good – tire marks are no exception too. If vehicles are moving in and out on a daily basis, it is suggested to clean those marks on a daily basis. A quick solution to clean the tire marks is using a concrete degreaser.   

What are Degreasers?   

Degreasers are cleaners made specifically to remove stains of grease, oils, corrosion inhibitors, cutting fluids, handling soils, and fingerprints.   

In the case of epoxy coating, degreasers like simple green should be used to remove the oil stains and tire marks.   

Working of a Degreaser  

  • The degreasers draw up the oil from the floor. On drying up, it changes into a powder so that it can be cleaned easily.   
  • Drip the degreaser on the tire marks and stains and let it saturate for around 10 minutes. You can let it stay for a longer time as well depending on the heaviness of marks   
  • Once the liquid dries up, sweep the floor and get rid of the dirt.   

Things to Use   

Use a soft nylon brush to scrub the marks gently. If the stain is stubborn, continue the same above steps and then sweep the spots away.   

Taking care of epoxy floor coating is not rocket science. Once you get epoxy flooring at your home, office, or any other commercial building, just make it a habit to clean the spilled over substance immediately. Do not allow the stain to sit on the floor for long. Do away with the laziness and bid adieu to the epoxy floor coating spillovers.  

Tuff Build’s epoxy flooring services are the best in Melbourne. No matter where you choose to get the epoxy floor coating done these offer innumerable benefits. 

  • Available in several colors and finishes. 
  • Liquid-tight and resistant to acids, chemicals. 
  • Easy to clean, and hygienic. 
  • Impact-resistant and shock-resistant. 

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