One of the most affordable and long-lasting types of flooring you can install in your house is epoxy flooring. It is a great option for kitchens, baths, or any other high activity area because it comes in a broad variety of finishes and is highly scratch resistant. However, how can you calculate the precise price of epoxy flooring per square meter for your project?  

In this blog, you will learn about epoxy flooring cost and if you want to install epoxy flooring at your home or garage, contact Tuff Build, Epoxy flooring in Melbourne.  

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy Flooring  

Polymer resins and hardeners make up the two components of epoxy. When the parts are put together, they chemically react and bond, forming a durable, stiff plastic. Pouring this mixture over a prepared concrete surface produces a long-lasting, sturdy, and eye-catching effect.  

You can discover the ideal epoxy floor coating for every home, garage, office, warehouse, or industrial site. Because it is fantastic for high traffic areas and offers a wide range of decorative treatments.  

What is the cost of epoxy flooring?  

We first need a thorough description of your project in order to provide an accurate quote for your epoxy flooring job. The average price of epoxy flooring per square meter is (PSM)   

Standard epoxy (including Labour & materials) $30 – 40 PSM approximately.  

Decorative finishes (including Labour, materials, colors, metallics, flakes or other decorative finishes) $80 – 110 PSM  

How will the Price for Installing the Epoxy Flooring be Calculated?  

When you want to install epoxy flooring then on the basis of the below-mentioned factors you can get a close clue.  


Size (in m²)  



Season or weather  


Why should you Get the Epoxy Flooring?

Get the Epoxy Flooring  

Epoxy flooring is aesthetically pleasing and resistant to a variety of substances, including acids and solvents. Furthermore, it comes in a wide range of hues and patterns. Apart from it, as epoxy applies quickly so there is no disruption to work. Epoxy floors are also very simple to maintain. You can give the floor a concrete look or sprinkle it with flakes. Since the floors are seamless and liquid-tight, they are also simple to clean, which promotes hygiene. Additionally, epoxy flooring works well with underfloor heating. However, extremely sustainable in addition to saving energy and saving space, underfloor heating eliminates the need for radiators. The floor is absolutely seamless, with no corners or seams.  

Things that you need to consider before getting an epoxy flooring  

You should consider the desired result significantly. Some coatings are stronger and can endure more wear and tear than others. Furthermore, consider using a non-slip surface in places like labs and commercial kitchens. Next, traffic on the epoxy floor as high traffic area needs a more long-lasting finish. Moreover, the installation’s complexity since Certain tasks can be more expensive and complex than others.  

Type of cost that you can Associate with Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring comes with a variety of fees, just like any home improvement project. The key expenses you should consider are as follows:  


Preparation epoxy flooring

The amount of hard grinding required, which is a key factor in pricing, varies for all polished concrete applications. Cheaper than a heavy grind will be a light grind. Any sections that have seen a lot of traffic in the past require at least a medium grind; new construction may simply call for minor work.  

Your concrete hardness will also have an impact on pricing. And this can limit the sorts of epoxy flooring you can choose from. Contact us to schedule a scratch test so that we can identify whether your concrete is the more desirable 32 MPa or a softer surface that may need further preparation. We Tuff Build, Epoxy Flooring in Melbourne believe in working as per customer’s best interest.  


Depending on the size of your task, the cost of labor varies. One or two tradesmen may be sufficient for smaller jobs. While a larger crew is needed for larger projects. In general, most epoxy flooring works may finish in one day with the help of two workers.  


Epoxy resin and hardener, aggregate, silica sand, release agent, and any included ornamental components like metallics are examples of acceptable materials.  


The final price includes the cost of tools like trowels, spreaders, and mixers. Further, only industry-leading tools and equipment are used by our specialists.  

What kinds of Flooring made of Epoxies can we Offer?  

Flooring made of Epoxies

Tuff Build is the only full-service concrete specialist in Australia, so we offer the full spectrum of concrete flooring and Urethane, Flake paint chips, with everything from stunning floor coatings to commercial-grade anti-slip. 

Is Epoxy Flooring Long-Lasting?  

Yes. Epoxy flooring has a ten-year lifespan when installed on high-quality concrete. This sort of flooring is very economical due to its exceptional endurance.  

Are Scratches on Epoxy Flooring Common?  

No, it is scratch-resistant thanks to this sturdy floor covering. When two or more polymers and hardeners are combined, an epoxy floor is created. This liquid substance produces a bright, smooth surface that is extremely durable and scratch-resistant when applied to concrete.  

Does Epoxy Flooring Cost a lot?  

The size of the space, the difficulty of the work, and the finish you select will all affect the ultimate cost of epoxy flooring. In contrast to many other solutions for concrete resurfacing, it is a practical and long-lasting option that will require little upkeep.  

In Conclusion  

Epoxy flooring is one of the most cost-effective and durable forms of flooring you can put in your home. It is a fantastic alternative for kitchens, bathrooms, or any other high traffic area because it is highly scratch resistant and is available in a wide range of finishes. However, with the above-mentioned factors you can an idea of costing of epoxy floor. As these are finishing, location, size of the area, climatic conditions. You can get the assistance of flooring experts, for instance Tuff Build, Epoxy Flooring in Melbourne. Because after installation of epoxy flooring, aesthetics of your floor will be increased.