Flake Paint Chips in melbourne

Flake Paint Chips Melbourne

Fancy, durable, and resistant to crack – this is what our flake paint chips floors are all about!   
Do you wish to get a polished and flawless concrete floor? Are you always told that concrete floors can’t be the solution for attractive floors? It’s time to leave the cliché now. The exciting flake paint chips will get you covered.
It’s a decorative coating of colorful chips on your floor that makes it appealing for the internal spaces. Flake paint chips, also called chips flooring, is an epoxy floor system that is completely sprinkled with small flakes. The many colors available in flakes gives you the opportunity to compose the chip floor as per your wish. The flake chip floor is also anti-slip after finishing due to the structure of the flakes and is easy to maintain by means of a neutral cleaner. No need for rubbing to remove the stains, just use a pressure washer and enjoy easy cleaning.
Tuff Build beautifies your floor, protects against unwanted influences and makes maintenance much easier with our flake flooring. The choice of colors and a scattering of chips creates a colorful and playful environment. The addition of granule ensures that the floor surface is anti-slip. In this way, a floor finish is obtained in which the customers can process their own idea of colors or possibly company colors.

Match your choice, get it designed!  

 Apart from beautification, there are heap of benefits that flake flooring offers. Read on!
  • Attractive and stylish
  • Seamless and non-slippery
  • Wear-resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Chemical resistant; stains can be easily removed
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cost-effective as compared to other alternatives
  • A great option for high rush spaces – commercial offices, schools, shopping malls, garage, etc.

Choose Your Flake Floor Finishing 


An option for both exterior and interiors! Ultra-flake flooring offers a stylish design on floors and is durable as compared to tiles or other traditional flooring systems. The ultra-flake highlighting system pops the color of flakes on the floor, thus giving it a customized touch. Choose the colors you want and fulfil your flooring desires.

Hyper Flake

For a shiny and high-end look, choose hyper flake chips floor. It is more consistent and glossier than normal flake chips. The appearance is seamless, and this floor has UV-resistant properties, thus making it an appropriate option for outdoor space.

Mica Flake  

Mica flakes are to give a sparkling effect to the floor. Commonly available with bronze and gold color, mica is suggested to be used in combination with ultra-flake or hyper flake chips, so it adds to a wow element over the floor. Basically, these are like crystal rocks that can be spread to enhance the beauty of flake floors.

Metallic Flake

Just like ultra-flake or hyper flake chips, metallic flakes are chips having metallic shades. Do you want a royal look in your space or a metallic shade theme for your premises? Then go for metallic flake chips. These are to personalize the epoxy floors with a top layer of attractive metallic shade flakes.


This defines itself by the name – flakes that glitter! Glitter flakes are also mix-matched with hyper flakes and ultra-flake in order to give a shimmering look to the floor. These glitters are not limited to the golden and silver shades; in fact, you have a diverse variety of glittery shades. Red, green, blue, yellow, and black…choose any you like or that complement the environment.
Are you ready to add more style and shine to your dull floors? Go for flake paint chips floor coating and change your lifestyle with Tuff Build. Contact for a FREE quote today.