Before getting a new flooring solution for your home or workplace, one of the most important factors that you must consider is the floor’s durability. After all, you would not want to get the floor installed every year. Right?   

Durability means to see if the floor solution that you have chosen is tough, safe, and lasts long.  

If you want your floor to have all the above qualities without compromising on its looks, then Tuff Build’s epoxy floor solution should be on your radar.  

The epoxy floors are easy to maintain, has limitless finish, and are undoubtedly long-wearing. 

But how would you know that the epoxy floor will definitely be durable? What is the lifespan of epoxy floors? And what all can you do to enhance the lifespan of epoxy floors?  

All these questions will be answered one by one as we proceed.  

How Long Does Epoxy Floors last? 

Epoxy Floors last

There is no one answer to this question. The longevity of the epoxy floors depends not only on the qualities an epoxy possesses but also on external factors as discussed below: 

The Strength of The Epoxy Floor 

The Strength of The Epoxy Floor

The first layer that is the concrete layer of the floor determines the lifespan of the epoxy floor coating. If the base on which the rest of the layers are to be set goes wrong, then the durability certainly gets affected. The installation process plays an important role in setting the tone for long-time durability of the floor. In order to get a strong, resilient, and beautiful epoxy floor, the material applied must be of superior quality. The epoxy specialists at the Tuff Build, the top epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne have full understanding of the type of chemicals to use, and in how much quantity.  

Surface Preparation and Installation 

Preparation and Installation floor

The stronger the foundation, the more the life span of the epoxy floor. But to be sure that the prep goes right, it is advised to hire professionals to get the job done. The epoxy experts would very well know all the prerequisites of a well-performing epoxy floor. Here are few of the things that you can keep a check on while getting the floor installed: 

The surface should be oil, dust, or other liquids free 

Make sure the surface is not damaged and so on.  

These are just a few. There are many more pre-conditions that you and the epoxy experts must look into. 

Extent of The Traffic  

Extent of The Traffic Lifespan of Epoxy Floors

More pedestrian traffic can wear down even a well-installed epoxy coating. If you are considering to get an epoxy floor for office or the area that gets high-level traffic, an additional topcoat becomes a necessity. At home, the foot traffic is likely to be less. The family members, a four-legged friend, and few vehicles.  

This factor must also be taken into consideration while accessing the durability of the epoxy floor. If you get the assistance of the professionals, be sure to tell them about the traffic you may receive. So, they can ensure the delivery of epoxy flooring accordingly. 


Self Maintenance Lifespan of Epoxy Floors

Take great care of the floor and they will surely last long. All you need to do is – consistent cleaning, sweeping to remove dirt, spots, if any. You can deep clean or scrub once a week. However, this is not the set formula. You can adjust the cleaning process as per the traffic the floor receives.  

Even though epoxy floors are the toughest, yet intolerable heavy traffic can lead to its degradation. Excess of everything is bad and the same goes for the epoxy floor solution.  

Exposure to UV Lights  

Exposure to UV Lights 

Epoxy floors are primarily meant for indoors because these are not resistant to the UV rays. If these are regularly exposed to the sunlight, the binder may chalk and turn powdery. This is the reason epoxy floors are not recommended for exterior applications.  

Why Hire Epoxy Experts? 

Many people may think getting a DIY epoxy kit would save them money. However, that is not the reality. You may save some amount at the moment but you may have to compromise on the quality because of a lack of knowledge and experience. Hiring a professional to install epoxy floor is beneficial for long run as they only use high-grade materials that will surely last. The job usually comes with workmanship warranty.  

On the other hand, for a self-installed epoxy floor, you may not get any guarantee and the owner becomes fully responsible for the quality and the end product.  

So, if you want to get more out of the epoxy floor, it is advised to get a professional help.  

You can reach out to the expert team of Tuff Build, the team of the best epoxy experts in Melbourne and get their pocket-friendly epoxy floor services.