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Epoxy Flooring Contractors Melbourne

Very strong, modern look, resistant to acids, and suitable for heavy loads!  
Are you scared of scratches or breaking the floor in your warehouse? Epoxy floorings turn the game in your favor.
Epoxy floor is a type of floor that is hard and ideal for industrial applications. Extremely suitable for commercial spaces, warehouses, offices, basements, and garages.


Because of its liquid-tight properties and strength, it is a suitable option when you require coating on industrial floors. Having a sleek look and seamless character, you can see this floor in modern interiors as well.


Are you searching for epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne for your office, company, garage, or factory? Then Tuff Build is an excellent choice. Our epoxy floorings are not only resistant to chemicals and acids but can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles and machinery without any scratches. Our years of experience in flooring ensure that your floor is perfectly tailored to the requirements of public spaces.


Our epoxy flooring Melbourne service is also an added value for eye-catching homes. Epoxy flooring is twice as strong as concrete. But that’s not all: the wear resistance and ease of maintenance of this floor are also major advantages.


Your floors are installed well to be able to bear heavy mechanical weights and to repel chemicals or acids. The fact that logos or patterns can easily be incorporated into the floor is also interesting for commercial places (shops, showrooms, etc.). Industrial kitchens, office floors and labs are also well-known examples.


Advantages of epoxy flooring

– Can be supplied in many colors and finishes.
– Completely liquid-tight and resistant to acids and chemicals.
– Impact-resistant, shock-resistant.
– Very easy to clean and particularly hygienic.


Epoxy floor coating: Find the options

Instead of installing a whole new epoxy floor, we also offer epoxy coating to your existing floor. This coating is used to give wooden floors, concrete floors and tile floors a nice, liquid-tight and seamless finish. The coating is cheaper and thinner than a cast floor and functions as a kind of wearing layer.


Ultra-Flake System  

Do you want to give a decorative look to your floor? The ultra-flake system fits the best for the contemporary look of floor space. Available with different patterns, colors, and styles, you can choose the finishing as per your requirements. Select any of the following:
  • Essential finish: for commercial or residential floors
  • Crystal finish: for garage
  • Diamond finish: for indoor floors


Industrial Coating System  

Do you want exceptional strength and resistance for your industrial floors? Go for an industrial coating system. With incredible durability, low maintenance, and easy to clean properties, our epoxy flooring with industrial coating is everything you desire.


Residential Coating System  

industrial and residential epoxy flooring melbourne
Are you considering an epoxy floor in your home? That, too, is possible. Because of the sensitivity to scratches, people often opt for a different type of cast floor, but epoxy floor coating is also increasingly accepted in modern interiors. Depending on the finish, you can create an industrial look or design look for your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Commercial Epoxy Contractors in Melbourne 

Commercial Epoxy flooring Contractors

Your workplace should also be as safe, comfortable and good-looking as your residence. For that, you do not have to get an entirely new workplace but the epoxy flooring.  

At Tuff Build, our highly experienced and knowledgeable team offers you an excellent service. We have epoxy flooring experts who have by far coated countless concrete floors across Melbourne.  

We safeguard your floors from daily wear and tear- all thanks to years of expertise in installing epoxy floors. Our team has knowledge, passion, experience and advanced state-of-the art that in combination gives you the best experience ever for domestic as well as commercial environments.  

Why Epoxy for Commercial Floors? 

Epoxy can be the perfect addition to concrete floors. Epoxy floor coatings increase the resilience and smoothness of the hard floors. It gives them a polished and contemporary appearance that is easy to maintain and does not lose its shine. These are the reasons one should definitely choose to get epoxy installation from the best Commercial Epoxy Contractors in Melbourne.  

At Tuff Build, we work on commercial properties of all sizes to deliver a comprehensive and unparalleled flooring solution that is built to last. For information on the lasting advantages of investing in an epoxy floor, simply drop us a call and we will help you through the entire process.

Epoxy Garage Flooring in Melbourne 

Epoxy Garage Flooring in MelbourneTuff Build is the leading epoxy garage flooring specialist in Melbourne. Even though epoxy is great for other floors too, it is widely used for installing garage floors. Epoxy is one such compound that gives a high end and gloss-like finish to the floor. Since garages receive high traffic, epoxy makes the floor durable, lustrous and easy to maintain. The experts at Tuff Build provide you with epoxy garage flooring solution that not only lasts for years but is also appealing to the eyes. 

Why Choose Epoxy for Garage Flooring? 

  • To get rid of the dull, scratchy and stained garage floor.  
  • To treat untreated concrete floors that easily attract dust, moisture, and stains.   
  • To effortlessly clean the mess that gets accumulated on the floor. 

With time, your garage floor tends to gather water, oil, fluids, and weathering can compromise the quality and appearance of your garage floor, leading to cracks, pitting and making it look less presentable. 

So, one viable solution to all issues is Epoxy for garages in Melbourne. Epoxy is cost-effective, stain, chemical, oil, grease-resistant and becomes a long-time companion. Epoxy garage flooring will seal and protect your concrete floor. It will help in keeping it in good condition and it is  a perfect solution for any commercial or residential garage. 

 Metallic Marble System  

Fancy some exceptional mix of effects on floors? The Metallic Marble System brings a decorative look to epoxy floors. This type of floor can easily be seen in the artistic sector. With unique techniques and textures, your floor will always look different from others.


Quartz Shield System  

This is one of the versatile epoxy floorings that comes with a different range of options. One major benefit of these floors is slip resistance as compared to other traditional options. You can choose from Quartz Shield 25 and Quartz Shield 40 systems, which vary in some practical features. Choose Quartz Shield System if you are thinking of durable floor coating.


Cut & Coat System  

You can forget the stains with the cut & coat system! The system follows the exposure of leveling the floor with stone, and then the coating is applied for a smooth finishing. Grinding and polishing is done to give an attractive look and have comparatively cost-effective features. With a cut & coat flooring system, the floors are easy to clean and stay durable.


Swirl Coat System  

For a glass-like finish of your floor, choose a swirl coat system. The maintenance is easy, the look is attractive, and options are not bounded. With a range in design and colors, go for one as your choice.


Bench Top Coating System  

For the living spaces and indoor areas, benchtop coating covers all your requirements. Install on your kitchen slab or feature in garages; you are sure to bring durability and décor elements to your space. Contemporary designs and various colors are also the added characteristics.
Epoxy floors are mainly used where high demands are made from the floor. Do you want to install epoxy flooring in commercial spaces, retail spaces and other commercial environments? Or do you need an epoxy coating for your own space? Just contact us for a FREE no-obligation quote.