Definitely, epoxy can be laid on a tile floor, if done correctly. Spreading epoxy on a tile floor is considered to be one of the quickest ways to produce attractive results. It will not only save you money but will also make your place look aesthetically appealing. Besides, epoxy on tiles floor will allow you to change the look of your place without having to go through the hassle of taking up the old floor.  

Another benefit of epoxy over tiles is that it often keeps your floor almost at a same height. It means your doors and entryways will align smoothly with the tiles floor.  

Adhesion of the Epoxy on Tiles 

Tile surfaces are normally covered with a glazing coat and epoxy may not stick to them properly. So, to fix it firmly, you should sand and grind the surface until the glaze from the tile is removed. Make sure the surface of the floor is rough and scratched. Also, the epoxy floor experts recommend applying a low viscosity epoxy primer that penetrates the tile surface. 

Epoxy to Fill the Tile Joints  

Epoxy to Fill the Tile Joints

If you coat epoxy paint over the tiles without patching the joints, those will be visible and look ugly. So, the tile joints must be filled.   

Sometimes the epoxy floor experts have to grout the joints individually. This process takes time and can get really tedious too. The results might not be perfect.  

If you have small tiles, you might have to spend some days grouting the epoxy over the tile joints. The best and an effective method is to apply an epoxy filler coat on the top of the surface. Recommendation – The result would be the best if the filler coat is epoxy based.   

People often make a mistake by applying an intermediate cementitious layer only to see that it breaks after dix months. You must avoid making such a sandwiched surface floor with different materials.    

Steps To Apply Epoxy on Tiles Floor 

These are the basic steps to epoxy coating irrespective of the type of floor.    

  1. Grinding tiles and removing the glaze. 
  1. Applying a low viscosity epoxy primer that penetrates the tile surface. 
  1. Use flat squeegee and apply a filler coat of epoxy coating on the tiles.  
  1. Install the final self-leveling epoxy floor coat on the top. It will give your floor a seamless finish.  

Some might say that this solution is expensive because it involves the application of 3-4 kg epoxy per square metre. Also, there are cheaper methods to cover tiles. But let us clear this air that cost of repairing a failed floor surface will be much higher.  

**Important tip – Ensure that you inspect the tiles before beginning the process.  

If tiles are broken or if tiles are hollow, you must need to address this issue first. Appling epoxy on a hollow structure will not fix it magically.  

You must address an underlying structural issue first before applying epoxy on the tiles. 

Preparing Tiles Floor for Epoxy 

If you really want to get epoxy on the tile floor, you might also have to take some steps to prepare the floor.  

Cleaning the Floor 

It is always the best to start on a clean work surface. Before beginning, just sweep up loose debris, and give tiles a good scrub. 

Help Epoxy Coat Stick on Tiles floor 

As already mentioned above, epoxy binds well only if the floor is not glossy or if it has not been treated with a sealer.  

The first round is to roughen the surface of tiles. This can be done by sanding them or applying an etching compound. 

Even after sanding the surface, some tiles might not be ready for epoxy on the floor. In such a case, go an extra mile just by adding a layer of floor primer to it. 

Smoothen the Floor 

The top of the tiles is probably higher than the surrounding grout. To keep the grout lines from showing through the epoxy, you would need to balance the height of the floor.  

Here’s an option – Sand the tiles to equal height and then apply a levelling compound. Before you go that route, make sure you have plenty of clearance so that the doors can easily be opened and closed.   

Epoxy Over Tile or Not? 

If you choose to apply epoxy coat over your tile floor, remember that the results might not be lasting. With time, the tile foundation may shift and the grout lines may also slowly get quite obvious. If you really want to make sure that your results will last, take your time and let the tiles wear out before you begin to install epoxy floor.  

If you are still unable to decide what’s right for you, then contact the best epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne. Reach out to Tuff Build, epoxy flooring experts and let’s get started.