Let us ask you some questions before moving ahead.  

Are you worried about scratches or damages on your epoxy floor? Are you thinking of getting a new floor?  

Well, if it’s yes, then there is nothing to worry about because this blog will certainly pave the way for you and take you step by step to give your floor an entirely new look. 

Trust us! You will not have to burn your grey cells at all.  

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Believe it, just by getting epoxy flooring, your whole place will start to look like a new model.     

Why Epoxy Floors? 

Why Epoxy Floors Polished or Recoated

Epoxy floors are durable, sturdy, resistant to scratches, damages, are non-slippery, shiny, and smooth. If your place already has an epoxy floor and it has got damaged or has scratches, then you must be looking for an affordable solution. In such a case, you can opt for getting your epoxy floor polished or even recoated.   

There is no denying the fact that epoxy floors are durable in nature. However, scratches may appear eventually after a long period of time. In that situation, you do not have to fret over anything but just contact the best epoxy flooring contractor in Melbourne and get the work started.  

Here’s what you can get for your damaged epoxy floor – Buffing.  

Yes, you can really get your epoxy floor buffed just by following a few simple steps, and not just your floor, but your entire place will look like a newlywed bride. Believe it! 

How Can You Buff Epoxy Floors? 

Buffing is a cool option not just for getting your place a new look but also for your budget. The professionals carry out the process quite gently and carefully- the only way to go about it.  

Being too vigorous can potentially damage the surface of your floor and also remove its gloss.  

The experts will first look into the condition of the epoxy floor. Before diving into the project, they see if there is an easier way to deal with small scratches. After that, the area is washed with soap and water. A dampen rag with a bit of furniture lemon oil is used to rub over the scratch to see if it fades or not. If it works, there is no reason to complete a larger buffing project. 

But if there are scratches that remain on your floor, then keep reading.  

Methods for Buffing Epoxy Floors 

Methods for Buffing Epoxy Floors Polished or Recoated

There is no requirement of any major equipment for buffing an epoxy floor. The epoxy experts either do it by hand or they use an orbital sander which is equipped with a buffing pad. A buffing machine, however is not required for the process. In fact, it is the best to avoid heavy-duty machinery for this maintenance task since it can remove too much of your epoxy floor’s coating. 

In order to fill the scratches, polish is used to fill it as you buff the floor.  For a lighter touch, furniture polish is used primarily and if not, then the experts also use automotive polish – a more robust option that must be tried. 

 Steps on Buffing Epoxy Floors 

In this portion, we will take you through the steps that epoxy flooring service providers use in Melbourne. So, let’s just dive right into it. 

Clean the Floor 

Clean the Floor

This is the very first step. Before beginning anything, cleaning is a must. So, the experts make sure the floor is thoroughly washed with a mop or a sponge. The experts also make use of the epoxy cleaner which is followed by a rinse with clear water. This step is not just used before polishing epoxy floors, but also used before full installation of the epoxy floor.  

Rub the Epoxy Polish Onto the Floor 

After cleaning, the floor is left to dry out. Once the floor dries out, polishing is begun. This job is also done as per the situation and preferences. Sometimes, Floors polishing is done by hand, other times, experts may need a rag to rub the polish on the floor. With the polish, experts go over the entire surface using a rag and epoxy floor polish. The polish is done in circular motion.  

If the space that needs polishing is large and has the potential to quickly wear out, then orbital sander is used to get most of the job done. Safety is taken care of and a buffing cloth is used to get completed with the polishing smoothly.  

Washing the Floor 

Washing the Floor

After completing the buffing process, the next step is washing the floor. Yes, it would need another round of cleaning. For that, cleaning solution is used and then it is followed by a clear-water rinse. 

Time for the Output  

After the floor dries up, see what the floor looks like. By now, hopefully, the scratches will have gone and would be no longer visible to the naked eyes. Not even through the microscope. Pun intended!   

This is the time to see the results. In case, more work is needed to give the floor a desired look, wet-sanding technique is used to take care of the scratches. At this time, recoating can also be done on the epoxy floor. 

Whether you get a new epoxy floor installed from the epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne, or you get an epoxy floor recoating, or floors polishing, maintenance is duly needed.   

Right Way to Maintain Epoxy Floors

Right Way to Maintain Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors have long been the go-to flooring solution for manufacturing facilities, restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, and many other venues. It is known for easy installation, overall ease of maintenance, and durability. Even though maintaining an epoxy floor is not as complex as its installation, you must learn to take care of your epoxy floors. After all, your hard-earned money goes into the entire process.  

Easy Maintenance Plan 

Needless to mention again that epoxy coatings are durable and can easily withstand a lot of traffic and wear and tear.  

Just like any other investment, correct upkeep of the epoxy floor will enhance the life of your epoxy floor and its coating. Let us see a few things that you must keep in mind for daily, weekly, and yearly maintenance of the epoxy floor. 

Daily Maintenance of Epoxy Floors 

Daily Maintenance of Epoxy Floors

When it comes to taking care of epoxy floors daily, the maintenance is pretty low key. These floors do not need much, but a daily sweep or mop will do the magic. By removing the presence of small particles from the floor will make it free of scratches, and daily wear and tear.  

If your epoxy floor is used for harsh and erosive chemicals, it is important to clean the spills on the spot. If chemicals are left unattended for a long time, these can erode and damage the floor permanently. 

Maintenance Every Week  

A complete scrubbing of the epoxy floor every week will make it clean and smooth. Based on the amount of traffic your floor sees, a bi-weekly scrubbing may also be necessary. 

You must also look out for large stains, gouges, scratches, and cuts in the coating. While these floors are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, it is still possible that these floors experience surface maladies. The key is not to ignore these but treat them as soon as they are noticed.  

Use Cleaning Agents 

Use Cleaning Agents

When doing weekly scrubbing of the epoxy floor, it is essential for you to use the correct cleaning agent so as to keep your coating look new. 

Ideally, one should use a non-alkaline, gentle cleanser as it will not strip any coating off the floor. If the space is not too large, a viable solution would be to dilute one-third cup dishwashing soap into four-five liters of water. Do not use brushes with hard bristles as they can damage the floor. 

Quite Commonly Asked- When to Recoat? 

Consider it as a recap, epoxy floors are very low maintenance. These just need basic cleaning on a daily basis to keep it intact and in shape.  

However, there will still be days when the shine will not be restored with routine cleaning. If you think the floor has lost its luster, it is a sign to get a recoat. 

Cleaning and maintaining can be done by self but you may need a help of an expert to know if your floor needs polishing, recoating, or not. 

However, if you think the space is huge, you can leave the recoating to the professionals. The process includes buffing, sanding the previous coating, filling the cracks or gouges, cleaning the floor, and then applying the epoxy coat.  

The entire process involves technicalities so must be given to the best epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne.  

Epoxy floors continue to be one of the best flooring solutions. By maintaining the floor properly with daily sweeping, weekly scrubbing, and occasional recoating, you can make it last for many years.  

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