Getting yourself a new home does not always mean buying entirely a new building or a property. It can also mean; you get an epoxy flooring solution and give your place the required transformation.  

To give your home a new makeover, all you need to do is contact the team of Tuff Build and avail yourself of the best epoxy flooring services in Melbourne 

Epoxy floors by far are the number one choice by people and continue to surprise people with their benefits, characteristics, and types.  

Before I explain the myths, let me take you through the basics of epoxy flooring.  

Define Epoxy Flooring? 

Define Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coating is a combination of polymer resins and hardeners. When the epoxy coating is applied to the concrete flooring, it creates a smooth, shiny surface that brightens the area. It is durable and gives a visually stunning finish. Such characteristics of epoxy make it suitable for most residential and commercial applications. 

Types of Epoxy Coating  

Types of Epoxy Coating  

The best part apart from its strong features is that the epoxy floor coating solution comes in different types. You can choose the best for your place and get the beautiful transformation done. Just like this picture.  

This is the Ultimate Truth

This is the Ultimate Truth

Now, let us see the types of epoxy coating.  

Ultra-Flake System   

  • This type of epoxy gives a decorative look to your floor. This suits the best when you have to give your place a contemporary look. This is further available in different patterns, styles, and colours. For the best epoxy flooring services in Melbourne, reach out to the expert team of Tuff Build and choose from the following floor finish. 
  • Essential Finish: This floor finish is used for residential and commercial floors 
  • Crystal Finish: This type of finish is essentially used in the places with heavy traffic like garages, and warehouses. This finish is durable, sturdy, and can bear the weight of heavy vehicles, therefore used for special places.   
  • Diamond Finish: This is the floor finish used indoors. Inside the house or commercial places, the traffic comparatively is less – in terms of weight. So, this type of flooring is preferred because it enhances the beauty of the house and as the name goes – shines as bright as a diamond.     

Industrial Coating System   

Industrial Coating System 

Let us go by its name – This epoxy coating is the best suited for industrial places because these receive heavy traffic in form of weight. So, the floor that exhibits strength, and power and can withstand immense weight is suitable for industrial places.  

So, if you want your floor to show exceptional strength and resistance – choose an industrial coating system.  

These are incredibly durable, require low maintenance, and are easy to clean. This epoxy flooring solution is everything you desire.  

Residential Coating System   

Residential Coating System

Looking for an epoxy flooring solution in your home? The residential coating system will make the best choice. Because these are not sensitive to scratches, people opt for epoxy flooring solutions and is widely accepted in modern interiors. Based on the finish, you can either create an industrial look or even get a design of your choice for your living room, bathroom, or even kitchen.  

Metallic Marble System 

Metallic Marble System

If you are looking for anything fancy and royal at the same time, choose a metallic marble system. This type of epoxy flooring is an exceptional mix of effects on the floors.  

Why Choose Metallic Epoxy Coating? 

Why Choose Metallic Epoxy Coating

It gives your place a new, and attractive look. Such floors are usually seen in artistic places like museums, and art galleries. With this epoxy coating solution, you can give your floor a unique design, and texture.  

Quartz Shield System   

Quartz Shield System

Among all others, this is the versatile epoxy floorings. These come in different ranges.  

One of the major benefits of this floor is that it is slip-resistance. Tuff Build, the best flooring contractors in Melbourne offers you a variety to choose from;  

  • Quartz Shield 25  
  • Quartz Shield 40 systems 

Why Choose Quartz Shield System? 

If you are thinking of getting a durable floor coating, this must be the choice. 

Cut and Coat System   

With cut and coat epoxy flooring, there is nothing to worry about stains. The procedure involves leveling the floor with stone, and then the coating is done for a smooth finish. After that grinding, and polishing is done to give the floor an attractive look. With this system, the floors are easy to clean and offer durability.  

Swirl Coat System   

Swirl Coat System  floor one of Common Myths epoxy flooring

To give your floor, a glass-like finish, choose a swirl coat system. It is easy to maintain and gives an attractive look. There is a range of designs and colors, so, you can choose any as per your choice and requirement. 

Bench Top Coating System   

This coating system is especially for living spaces, and indoor areas. You can get these installed either on the kitchen slab or in garages. This epoxy floor coat will bring durability and décor elements to your space. Contemporary designs available in different colors are also added characteristics. 

The above were the types of epoxy floors and their benefits.  

Now let us see the factors that may prevent you from getting an epoxy floor done.  

Here are some of the misconceptions that run from one mouth to another, and therefore become the talk of the town. However, the team of Tuff Build is here to burst all the myths that come with the epoxy flooring solution.  

Misconception: Epoxy Must Be Reapplied Regularly 

Regardless of the floor type, the epoxy need not be applied again and again. If you go for DIY epoxy, then you may land up in a position where you might need to reapplication but it is done with the guidance of a professional, it is not needed.  

Misconception: Epoxy Surfaces Are Slippery 

Compared to the other floor surfaces that are smooth, epoxy is much less slippery and more skid-resistant. Not just this, epoxy coating is also slip-resistant. These are essentially raised bumps in the floor which help in preventing any slips to happen. This is the reason, epoxy is considered a smart choice for areas like hospitals, clinics, industrial buildings, etc. 

Misconception: Epoxy Is Quite Expensive 

It is not at all expensive. Believe me! It is rather an investment, that is too long-lasting and cost-effective. When you compare the epoxy coating to other types, you will have to spend on expensive repairs and maintenance. When you invest in the epoxy floor – each penny will be worth it. This is because of the easy maintenance of the surface, and superior durability level.  

Misconception: Paint and Epoxy are the Same 

Both are different. Although once epoxy is coated, it looks a lot like paint, both are poles apart. Paint will not protect the concrete surface from staining or abrasion. On the other hand, epoxy does bond with the concrete which further helps in forming a non-volatile and resistant surface.  

If applied properly, the epoxy surface withstands all types of wear and tear that too for long years.  

Epoxy Maintenance is Hard  

Epoxy Maintenance is Hard one of Common Myths epoxy flooring

Some people have this notion that taking care of epoxy is hard. It requires special care. But it is not true because one of the strong characteristics of epoxy that is epoxy is resistant to dents and stains. So, because of its feature, you do not have to showcase any special care. Although, you may have to clean it daily with just normal water. 

How to care for an Epoxy Floor?

It Isn’t Necessary to Upgrade a Garage 

People think upgrading a garage is not worth the investment. This is because they do not see their garage as an essential place. But your garage is as much an important spot as any other spot in the house. A garage can be used in a multitude of ways like a home gym, recording space, for conducting workshops, or can even be used as a home office. So, your garage also requires good flooring. Even if you do not wish to convert it, a sturdy and strong floor will also be great for the protection of your vehicle. Once you get an epoxy floor in your garage, you will never regret, it because if it is done once, it will last for years unaffected.  

The Epoxy Coating doesn’t need professional installation 

professional installation one of Common Myths epoxy flooring

This is a dangerous misconception. Upgrading the floor all by yourself may cost you more later on, especially when you are not experienced yourself. If you want better results, you will need an expert by your side. For the premium epoxy flooring solution, you can contact the best epoxy flooring contractor.

Most DIY epoxy floors become pale quickly compared to the professional-grade ones. Professionals know the techniques needed to prepare a concrete surface. 

This, in turn, makes the layers bond well. Besides the professional skills required, experience is also crucial, and most have done this for many years. The prep required beforehand is essential p from grinding the concrete and patching it. It’s not as simple as just pouring on a tin of epoxy! 

Does Epoxy need recoating a lot? 

Epoxy need recoating

Once you apply epoxy coating on your floor, you don’t need to reapply it after a few years, as a few people think. This is a different type of flooring coating since it is meant to last. That’s the reason why it’s slightly costly compared to other available options. This coating can withstand all types of bleaches and might, therefore, last at least up to 10 years. 

Paint Can Work as Good as an Epoxy Coating 

Paint Can Work as Good as an Epoxy Coating

You might achieve the exact appearance as that of epoxy when you apply it to the floor. However, there’s a huge difference between these two elements. Paint and epoxy are different in terms of offering protection to the surface. 

Paint can safeguard the concrete from chemical stains and abrasions. Epoxy is different because when you apply it, it creates a resin coating, which is quite durable to protect your surface. Epoxy protects from dents and scratches and keeps the floor looking clean and sparkling. 

Epoxy Floors are Slippery 

Epoxies offer an attractive finish and probably because of their shine, it is thought that epoxies might be slippery. However, this is not the truth. These are anti-slippery as already discussed above. Because of their anti-slippery feature, these form one of the most important choices for hospitals and banks.  

The myths about epoxies are countless, but it is the duty of a professional epoxy expert to burst all such myths and encourage people to get these installed. If you are someone who is confused and is unable to decide which floor solution you must choose for your place, contact the best epoxy floor contractor, Tuff Build, and get the high-end services.