What Is Epoxy Flake Floor? 

Many people scroll the internet for answers. As a matter of fact, any old concrete floor will have to be treated and renovated properly. Now let us see more details in the article and find out the best options for your floor type. 

The Epoxy flake floor is the only choice when you have extremely damaged concrete with a lot of cracks and spalls. In fact, hygienic and durable epoxy flake floors have a seamless, decorative coating, and customizable options. For instance, the full broadcast of vinyl chips hides all the defects and gives you a terrazzo finish by using a mix of color flakes.   

Low-Maintenance, Seamless and Chemical Resistant 

Epoxy flake flooring is nowadays used in commercial places including hospitals, hotels, casinos, and schools. 

Moreover, these floor types are also popular in laboratories, stadiums, veterinary clinics, government buildings and garage floors. It has become a popular choice with time and has also been decorative. Not just this, it has also become a popular decorative floor finish especially for dining areas and retail stores.

Anti-microbial epoxy resins will guarantee exceptional protection from bacteria and will also withstand spills from oils, detergents, acids, and other contaminants. Epoxy flakes are a way to spread out the decorative outcome of the concrete floor. 

How To Apply Epoxy Flake System? 

The epoxy flake system uses 100% solids epoxy resins as a standard or as a metallic epoxy floor. It also includes an additional layer of flakes applied within the epoxy to create a visually stunning floor finish. The flakes system is fluid-applied flooring and consists of a gloss and a satin finish.  

how to apply epoxy flake system

A long-wearing polyurethane topcoat is the result of a unique, slip-resistant, smooth and durable floor. You can always vary the floor’s roughness by using different techniques of the topcoat’s application. 

Full-chip broadcast floors include layers of chips broadcast into the fresh epoxy base, then it is covered by a polyurethane topcoat.  

The small pieces of color can help in creating great custom floor coatings with just a little design, often referred to as color flakes, color chips, or epoxy paint chips. Also, it has some distinct advantages to using them.  

These also bear to build many queries about the floor coverage rates, colors, the size of the flakes, and the application method.  

Advantages of Chips Resin Floors 

First of all, the flakes system is a decorative resinous floor, which may include a wide range of flake designs and sizes. Secondly, the floors are of high-quality, seamless and consist of a base coat, decorative flake chips, and polyurethane topcoat. A variety of chip colors give a terrazzo-like look with minimum maintenance and cleaning. 

Generally, flake floors guarantee a great adhesion to various concrete substrates. Also, it gives UV stability, superior abrasion, and chemical-resistance over pre-engineered floors. 

Garage Floor Epoxy Chips 

garage floor epoxy chips

In fact, for many projects, from retail to garage floors, epoxy flake floor is a perfect option to bust any old concrete to an attractive, durable and long-lasting surface. As a result, pre-blended colored mixes of flakes with high-quality epoxy resins for garage concrete is the best option for any professional epoxy contractor. 

The colored chips blend consists of different colors combined with a proprietary installation process which makes each floor unique.  

One thing to keep in mind when deciding your colour choice is the colour of the base coat for your floor. Tans and grey are the most popular base floor colours, but you can even choose white and other colours. If you are going to make an office floor full refusal, it will still be important to have the same range of colours for the base coat as the colour of flakes. To find out the rates, call our team of Tuff Build, a commercial epoxy flooring contractor in Melbourne.