An epoxy coating is a compound that is a mixture of two main elements i.e., an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. It is also known as a catalyst.  

After the epoxy coating gets fully cured, the resulting product is rigid, durable, and presentable with numerous mechanical properties.  

Epoxy coat on the floors is considered to be EXTREMELY DURABLE. 

This may even surprise you that epoxy flooring is seven times stronger than the concrete flooring. If your kitchen has a concrete floor, we the experts at Tuff Build, epoxy flooring service providers in Melbourne, would suggest you to add an epoxy coat on the top of it and make it more durable, long-lasting, and classic.  

Why Only Epoxy Coating for Kitchen Floors?  

The very first benefit of having an epoxy on kitchen floors is that these are extremely safe especially for the hard floors. Other than being safe, the epoxy coating is slip-resistant, less abrasive, and shock-resistant than the other types of industrial flooring and concrete flooring.  

Why Only Epoxy Coating for Kitchen Floors

Many home owners also prefer choosing epoxy coating for their mudrooms, and even bathrooms. So, we can say that epoxy coating is not just suitable for one area of the house, but can be applied everywhere at home. You can even get these applied in your bedroom, garage, and basement floor of your house, office, or any other place you wish to have. 

Epoxy coating offers more advantages when applied to kitchen floors which are as follows: 


Customizable epoxy floor

You can get epoxy coating done on floors in nay design, colour as per your preference. You can match your home’s interior in any colour combination you want to get. 


As already said above, epoxy coating is heat-resistant up to 500 degrees, five times stronger, and resistant to shock. It means if anything heavy is dropped on the surface, the epoxy coat will not break. (of course, there are exceptions) 

Food Safe  

floor Food Safe  

Great to use for kitchen floors because it is the place that needs to be germ-free. The antimicrobial surface of epoxy coating keeps germs and bacteria at a bay and it is also resistant to staining. This makes it easy for you to clean the kitchen and cook safe. In fact, you can also eat on the floor too. 

UV Resistant  

The epoxy flooring is resistant to fading. Also, it won’t get yellow when exposed to the Sun. So, you cannot just merely use epoxy for your kitchen area but also for outdoor applications. 

Epoxy Flooring Coating for Commercial Kitchen Floors 

Earlier, we have discussed about the personal kitchen floors. Now, let us talk about commercial kitchen floors. Well, flooring plays an important role for commercial areas.  

Commercial Kitchen Floors

Kitchen area is the demanding area and that needs to look great, and perform at a high level.   

A commercial kitchen may have to go through constant exposure to grime, frequent spills, use of grinding equipment, etc. Such a floor is subject to regular pressure, incessant spillage etc., therefore, these would need strong protection. In this regard, epoxy proves to be a valuable investment.  

Now, let us learn about the unique needs of a commercial kitchen floor. Also, let us give you the resources you need to pick for a longer-lasting, and eye-catching flooring products.  

Why Commercial Kitchen Floors are Important? 

Anyone in the commercial food industry would know how crucial is kitchen area. The area has unique needs which are beyond the needs and reach of typical flooring.  

Below given are the reasons behind kitchen floors being so demanding: 

Visual Appearance

Visual Appearance for kitchen

Visually kitchen has to be appealing because even if you want, you cannot hide it. Also, if the kitchen floor lacks lustre, it will not look visually attractive.  

In many cases, the kitchen area is the one that is partially exposed to customers.  

This area helps in promoting the business’s unique ambiance and also reassures customers that the area where food is cooked is clean and hygienic. This is the reason a commercial kitchen floor needs to be attractive and needs to be performing at a high level.  

Area with Heavy Traffic  

commercial kitchen areas

The commercial kitchen areas take a beating. These areas need strength. The commercial kitchen areas should be strong beneath heavy foot traffic. Also, these areas may also have to go through a lot of spillages. So, to avoid permanent stains and damages, epoxy coating would prove to be the best choice.   


Commercial place would have a lot of employees working so their safety is a concern. To keep everyone in a safe and secure environment, it is important to have a floor that promises safety and that is none other than the epoxy floor.  

Now, here safety means that the floor must be slip-resistant and should fight any grease, or chemicals. The commercial kitchen is the place which would potentially be full of activity. So, there would be employees working on their toes, running here and there for gathering ingredients. In such scenarios, it is pertinent for spills to take place. But if these happen, there should be something that ensures no slipping. In that case, epoxy floor would come into play.  


In many cases, flooring is also regulated for the safety of consumers and employees. Flooring which is not easy to clean has the potential to put the customers’ safety in jeopardy. With such a high potential for food build up, pooling, and bacteria collection, it is really important to keep kitchen floors easy to maintain and seamless.   

What are Commercial Kitchen Floors Up Against?  

Commercial kitchen floors are exposed to erosive forces so, when you choose the right floor coating, it is important to consider hazards that your floor is exposed to regularly.  

What are Commercial Kitchen Floors Up Against

Following are some of the issues kitchen floors and coatings need to look for: 

Heavy Impacts 

Commercial kitchen floors often have to hold up under shuffling feet, harsh impacts, and heavy equipment.  

Grease, Grime 

Cooking happens with grease and oil and it cannot be ignored.  

In a commercial kitchen, grease and oil can stain an unprotected floor as these can spill, splatter, or even simply gather in the air.  

Product Spills 

The beverages and food cannot be spilled in a commercial kitchen is not the truth. This is the reason, flooring should be easy to clean, nonporous, and chemical-resistant and epoxy offers all these advantages.  

Thermal Shock 

Thermal Shock kitchen

Flooring naturally expands and contracts with the change in temperature.  

In a hot kitchen, some flooring can move at a different rate than its substrate, resulting in thermal shock, and it can cause the flooring to bubble, crack, come apart, or even wear down. 

Scuffs, Chips 

Commercial kitchens have intense atmosphere. In such an atmosphere, it is really common to drop dishes, lose control of pots, or even have to slide heavy equipment across the floor. All such activities can chip a floor and even wear down its shine.  

How to Choose Right Flooring for Kitchens? 

This is true that there is not just one flooring type which will prove to be the best for commercial kitchens. Every kitchen will need a different floor type.    

Food service owners will have different needs, unique demands, specific budgets, and other particulars which they would want to match up with the final output.   

However, there are some other important factors too that must be considered when installing and upgrading a commercial kitchen floor, which are as follows: 

  • Floor should be non-slippery.  
  • It should be durable.  
  • It should be easy-to-clean.  
  • It must hold up to spillage.  
  • It should be attractive.  

Best Floors and Coatings for Commercial Kitchens 

A Quick Recap 

By now we know benefits, usages and reasons why should kitchen area have an epoxy coating.  

However, the best coating would be the one that has high build and non-slip qualities.  

Also, make sure the floor type is scratch-resistant and protects the floor from bacteria build-up.  

If you are looking forward to give your kitchen a new makeover, call the best epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne, Tuff Build and avail the best flooring services.