Here are some basic things that a concrete sealer professional in Melbourne uses.   

Basic Tools 

  • Stiff-bristled broom 
  • Pressure washer/ hose 
  • Lint-free paint roller/ sprayer 
  • Paintbrush 

Basic Concrete Sealing Supplies 

  • Concrete floor sealer 
  • Protective items such as gloves and a face mask 
  • Painters’ tape 
  • Floor wax – It is optional 

Even though we all know garages are used for way more than storing cars, you can turn them into anything like into a woodshop, or an auto repair center. You can also store all your tools or you can even use your garage as a workshop place for your next hobby.  

To be able to use the garage for different purposes, you should make sure it is well-maintained. Also, ensure that there is no formation of concrete cracks.   

One way to secure the concrete floor sealer is by applying a sealer.  

Benefits of Concrete Sealing Garage Floor 

  • This solution prevents any damage from elements over time.   
  • Keeps the floor pristine. 
  • Prevents you from spending extra.  

Other than the above solution, below is the step-by-step guide to sealing a garage floor.   

Buy the Sealer  

First, you would require a sealer. There are different types of sealers (Add a link to the blog – Different Types of Sealers for Concrete) 

The cost of each concrete sealer will vary depending on the choice you make. To know about the prices, contact Tuff Build concrete floor sealer service provider in Melbourne.   

Choose One Fine Day  

Based on the type of sealer, you will have to apply it considering certain temperature conditions. You might even have to leave some things out of your garage for some time or longer. The professional flooring expert will tell you everything that you will have to do before getting started with concrete sealing the floor.   

Prepare the Garage Floor 

Prepare the Garage Floor

Clear the garage floor of any boxes of holiday decorations, bikes, cars, etc. If you have recently poured the concrete on the floor, just wait until the concrete gets cured and also see if any stains have dried up before stepping onto the next.   

After that, sweep the floor and spray it down with a hose or, ideally with a pressure washer. You might also want to make sure your floor is free of debris, so make sure you are completely aware of the steps. You must also cover your baseboards with painters’ tape to avoid getting any sealer on it.   

Also, if you are using epoxy or any other sealer coating, you would want to get an etchant (an acid or corrosive chemical). If you are going DIY, then you can get this at a hardware store. But if the sealing is being done by a professional, then they will be wearing masks, gloves, and boots to keep themselves safe.  

While all this process is being carried out, the garage is kept open for ventilation.   

When the etchant is poured, it starts to bubble. For this, you would need a stiff brush to scrub the floor. With most concrete sealers, you will have to wait for the floor to dry up. You will have to wait for at least 24 hours before starting anything.   


Ventilation is important because you have to deal with chemicals. The professionals at the Tuff Build take care of the process and make sure everything is taken care of. 

Apply the Concrete Sealer 

Apply the Concrete Sealer

After the above steps, a thin coat of sealer is applied using a paint roller or sprayer. The experts use hand brushes to reach the smaller areas.  

Wait until the floor dries up. After the coat is completely dried, apply the second coat.  

For how long you will have to wait will vary based on the type of concrete sealer you use.   

Another Coat of Concrete Sealer 

Following the instructions mentioned on the sealer, the flooring experts wait for the recommended amount of time and then they apply another coat. The process post application remains the same. Allow the coat to dry up.   

Wax Your Floor  

This step is optional. From here, you can wax your floor if you want and then can put your car back in the garage. Types of Garage Floor Sealers You Should Use 

There are different sealers and every sealer has a different approach. Some provide a layer of protection on top of the floor, while others penetrate into the floor and reduce the porousness.  

You will be given floor sealers to choose from the following; 

  • Acrylic 
  • Silane/siloxane 
  • Polyurethane 
  • Epoxy.  

Your choice will make a difference because what you choose is based on attributes and aesthetics.   

Acrylic Sealer 

Acrylic Sealer 

Acrylic sealers repel moisture, oil, and other buildup which can threaten the look and integrity of your floor. Acrylic sealers are perfect for homeowners who are concerned about the chemical damage and stains on the garage floor.   

Silane/Siloxane Sealer 

This sealer makes the concrete less porous. At times, it is used with acrylic sealers. It can also cut down on cracking, salt damage, and freeze.    

These sealers are great for homeowners in cold temperatures because these can protect against salt exposure and freeze-thaw damage.  

Polyurethane Sealer 

Polyurethane Sealer 

Polyurethane sealers do not require as much maintenance as compared to acrylic sealers. Also, these are tougher. These sealers are a great option as these prevent fading colour from the concrete floor.   

Epoxy Sealer 

Amongst all, epoxy sealers are the strongest, toughest and thickest, therefore, these provide protection against cracking and scratching.   

You may have to use it in combination with polyurethane just to prevent concrete from fading and discoloration.  

Once you get epoxy coating done, it will add value to your place. It is highly resistant to damage and is a lot more attractive as well. Getting an epoxy sealer will be a good option if you want a long lasting and solid end result.   

Hiring a Professional  

If you do not have any experience sealing floors, it would be wise to hire a professional. 

Professional epoxy sealers will have the necessary gear. They would know how to do the job properly and are less likely to cause any damage that you will have to fix later on. Contact the Tuff Build flooring experts to know about flooring solutions.