Today, we all are spoilt for choices!  

Whether it is making a decision as small as selecting curtains for home or it is as big as choosing the right flooring type, we all want just the best.  

But the markets today are flooded with multiple options and that can lead to confusion in choosing the right flooring type for your place.  

Take, for instance, the types of flooring. There are so many and you may find each one to be good for your place. But the truth is not all types will suit your preferences.  

So, we are here to take you through the types of flooring that are in the trend, their advantages, disadvantages and purpose.  

Epoxy Flooring 

epoxy Flooring

Used – This flooring is widely in demand and massively used in the houses, commercial buildings, warehouses, offices, and all the places that get heavy traffic.  

Characteristics – Strong, appealing, resistant to acids, suitable for heavy traffic floors 

Advantages – Available in different colours and finishes, Liquid-tight, resistant to acids and chemicals, shock-resistant, impact-resistant, easy to clean, care and maintain. 

Purpose – The majority of people prefer going for epoxy flooring solutions because the epoxy floor protects the underlying concrete from moisture, grease, stains, and cracks. It saves you from a great deal on cleaning, and maintenance costs. Also, this is pocket-friendly and lasts for years without losing its luster.  

Different epoxy coating types – If you do not want to install the entire epoxy floor, then you can also opt for epoxy coating. Tuff Build, the best epoxy flooring contractor in Melbourne offers different types of epoxy coating like ultra-flake system, industrial coating system, metallic marble system, residential coating system, cut and coat system, swirl coat system, benchtop coating system.   

Urethane Flooring  

Used – Ideal for both homes and offices  

Characteristics – Seamless, durable, non-porous, waterproof, long lifespan, easy maintenance, and lustrous.  

Advantages – If you get this flooring solution installed at your place, you will not have to fret over-cleaning. It is easy to clean, non-porous, waterproof in nature. You can easily sterilize it and because of its seamless coating, it makes it difficult for fungus, microbial substances to stay on the floor for long. Not just this, you can get Urethane floors in different colours, logos, textures, and patterns.   

Urethane Flooring 

Purpose – Because of its performance and protection, Urethane flooring is in great demand. These are widely used in offices because of their chemical and slip-resistant properties. At homes, it is preferred by people primarily because of its stain-resistant qualities, which further prevents daily wear and tear. 

Flake Paint Chips  

Used – These can be used both in commercial as well as residential areas. These can be used to enhance the beauty of the place.  

Characteristics– Seamless, non-slippery, strong, durable, chemical-resistant 

Flake Paint Chips

Advantages- Getting the flake paint chips installed at home or office will beautify your place. Flake paint chips are preferred over other flooring solutions because the chips sprinkled on the floor gives a fancy look.  

Purpose – This flooring type is chosen over others because it is cost-effective as compared to the other flooring types. Moreover, one can choose from the different colour types, and create a colourful and playful environment. 

To get a flake floor finish, you can choose from the types like ultra-flake, mica flake, metallic flake, hyper flake, and glitter. 

Concrete Sealer   

Concrete Sealer   

Used – This type of flooring is preferred when the surface is exposed to heavy traffic like large machinery, or harsh chemicals.  This is mostly used in public places  

Characteristics – Smooth appearance, risk-free surface, integrated floor with concrete, and strong sealing.  

Advantages – This floor type is preferred mainly by the commercial places, like industries, offices, gyms and even public places because of its crack-resistant quality. Whether your surface is exposed to heavy foot traffic, or chemicals, this concrete sealer floor makes a great choice as it provides floor with high durability and strength. Tuff Build’s concrete floor prevents the floor from oil and grease, discoloration, and chemical spills.   

Purpose – When the cracks and seams arise spontaneously, those are filled with by concrete sealing so as to protect the building from any further damage. 

Each of the above floor types have their own purpose and benefits. Whichever floor type you decide for your workplace, or home, it is important for you to know about its characteristics in detail.  In case, you are not able to decide the best floor type, contact flooring contractors in Melbourne.