Epoxy floors are in fashion and looking at the growing trend in the market, everyone from a home owner to an entrepreneur wants to get this beautiful flooring installed at their places, all because of the multitude benefits it provides.  

If you are thinking to transform the look of your home or your work place, then this guide on epoxy flooring will give you a clear idea on what all goes into installing the epoxy floor and how will it benefit you in the long run.  

So, before you take a final decision on getting the epoxy floor coating, you may want to learn everything from pin to an elephant about this type of flooring. To know about it in detail, keep reading.

What is epoxy flooring? 

This is the type of flooring with the synthetic raisin floor system which is laid on the top of concrete substrates in order to protect as well as beautify the floor.  

The process may comprise of coating the floor with several layers of thermosetting resins which are coated, poured, and generally applied to the concrete substrate.  

concrete substrate

Once the layers of resin get cured, the floor creates a permanent and a strong bond, forming a decorative and impervious barrier to protect the substrate. Because of the chemical and mechanical resistant properties of the epoxy resin floor, it is widely used in the industries, offices, warehouses, garages, basements, and other commercial buildings. 

Advantages of getting epoxy flooring 

There is no denying the fact that getting a floor solution that fits your budget as well increases the beauty of your place is a tedious task. Primarily because today the market is flooded with several flooring options which highlights the benefits just to show up on the top of the chart and stay strong in the highly competitive market space. 

Advantages of getting epoxy flooring

The flooring option that withstands the abuse of time and also serves as an outstanding deal may seem hard to find but it is certainly not impossible because the Tuff Build flooring contractors are here to tell you all about the epoxy floors and how these will turn out to be the best choice.  

If you need a ground to plant your feet firmly and walk with the confidence, then you would need nothing else than our best flooring services which offers: 


The epoxy floors are specifically installed in the areas with heavy traffic like salons, hospitals, industries, hotels, and offices because of its characteristic of handling the pressure and due to its hard and sturdy nature. When epoxy floor is installed on a concrete base, it is converted into an exceptionally durable material. 


These floors last longer than you would expect. Many people choose to get the epoxy floors done because of their long lifespan, providing these are installed properly and if done so, these can even last for decades without any cracks, holes, or leakage. 


This is one of the major advantages of epoxy floors. These are resistant to things like cleansers, oil, spills, bleach and so on and this is possible because the epoxy floors have a coating that is heat and water-proof, the only reason these get to be the first choice for garage owners and the automobile industry. Not only these, even hospitals prefer getting epoxy flooring because of its resistance to infections and also because these can be cleaned and sanitized quicky. 


The non-porous nature of the epoxy floors prevents stains, liquid, grease to stay which means maintaining these floors or cleaning them is not a herculean task anymore. You would not require to spend extra on carpeting to hide stains or any marks, for you would just need a damp cloth to clean the area. Taking care of these floors is quite handy. 

Several choices: 

The best part is that the epoxy floor is not just limited to one color. You get the freedom to personalize your floor by using different colors, glitters, design elements, and patterns. The freedom to choose from variety of choices that too in a budget-friendly prices collectively make for the best choice to give your home or the office space a new look.  

Now, let us look into the disadvantages of epoxy floor: 

  • Smell: During the application of epoxy, these emit pungent and a very strong smell and after its application, these tend to release the smell of ammonia. 
  • Time-consuming process: The whole process involved in installing the epoxy floors may take a lot of time as one has to wait for the first coat to dry up and then apply the second coat. 

Your choice in any case would never turn out to be bad when you will choose something whose advantages weigh more than disadvantages. 

As discussed above, you can choose from the variety of Tuff Build’s best epoxy floor coating options: 

Ultra-flake system: 

Ultra flake system

This epoxy coating will give your home a new and a contemporary look. You can even choose from options like; for commercial and residential floors, go for the essential finish. For garages, crystal finish floor coating will work the best, whereas for indoor floors, go for a diamond finish.  

Industrial coating system: 

Industrial coating system

This epoxy coating system is for the places that require exceptional strength and resistance. You get this flooring with all the features discussed above. So, it gives you everything that you desire in the price you want. 

Bench top coating system: 

This coating will cover all your needs and requirements, especially for the living spaces and the indoor areas. Whether you choose to install these on a kitchen slab or feature it in garages, you will surely bring durability and an element of décor to your space.  

Swirl coat system: 

In order to get a glass-like, glossy finish to your floor, go for this swirl coat epoxy flooring. The look is attractive, low at maintenance, and comes with a variety of options. 

If you are someone who wants the best flooring service that not just attracts eyeballs but is also affordable to the pocket, then look no further than to the Tuff Build flooring experts.  

The best epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne will take away your worries, and shed all the confusion regarding the type of floor you can have.  

So, if you think you are confused and are unable to decide which flooring will suit at your place, then reach out to the best flooring experts, the Tuff Build and get the work started.