Floors that have an epoxy coating on them are durable and sturdy but obviously, no professional epoxy flooring contractor in Melbourne will guarantee a lifetime of durability. At some point in life, the epoxy floors may get problems that should not be ignored.  

The epoxy floors can get issues due to many reasons like regular wear and tear, or continuous harsh weather conditions. Whatever is the reason behind the issues with epoxy floors, you do not have to worry because the best epoxy flooring services provider, Tuff Build is here in Melbourne to look after the problems. 

The team of professional epoxy flooring contractors will look into every aspect of the floor issue and offer you the best advice and right solution. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the common flooring issues that may arise over the period of time. Also, we will talk about the viable solutions.  

But before that let us have a brief on epoxy flooring solution. Epoxy is a perfect choice for all the floor types. it gives a seamless, beautiful floor that is strong and durable.  

Hire Epoxy Flooring Contractor in Melbourne  

To get a perfect finish, it is advised to hire the services of a professional epoxy coating service providers in Melbourne. The experts in the field knows the exact ratio of resin and hardener to get the best results. But if you are someone trying to do it all by yourself, then do it at your own risk because in case any issue arises, there won’t be any warranty to depend on for solution.   

So, going solo would only be fun when you have experience and expertise.   

Getting an epoxy floor definitely requires professional installation. Sorry to mention but no DIY kit can top the years of experience spent by the experts in the field. 

Now, let us see the problems that you may have to face with your epoxy flooring.  

Common Epoxy Flooring Problems 

Peeling Epoxy Floors 

Peeling Epoxy Floors 

This is one of the most common and irritating problems that you can potentially see on your floor.  

A peeling floor does not only give an unpleasant view but can also lead to a tripping hazard, if neglected. 

An epoxy floor can peal due to many reasons such as: 

  • It can be caused by lack of surface preparation before installing epoxy. For instance, if epoxy is applied in an environment that is either too hot, cold, or humid. 

If the peeling happens because of the above said reason then it can be avoided by carefully applying the epoxy on the floor. Making sure that the floor is well cleaned and there is no dirt, oil, or debris.  

If the floor is not cleaned properly, it will get visible fisheyes and round holes.  

So, proper preparation is must prior to the epoxy application.  

So basically, solution to this problem lies in handling the very first step carefully.    

Unappealing Color Variations 

Unappealing Color Variations

The true colors of epoxy floor can be seen only after epoxy dries off. But the epoxy may not come out as expected and you may see inconsistency in the epoxy colors.  

So, this happens when the colors are not blended in the right manner. Not just this, even sunlight can affect the color of your epoxy floor.  

Leaving it to dry under the sun can fade away the true colors.  

Even the unwanted oils due to improper floor preparation can affect the tone. 

The truth is that it does not affect the coating’s functionality but it does make the floor unattractive. And when it comes to your place, aesthetics is a big factor that you would never want to escape.  

How to Avoid Discoloration? 

  • Make sure that the mixture is well prepared.  
  • Other factor can be the epoxy’s exceeding pot life. 
  • Another can be the use of the wrong hardener. 

Apart from the above, chemical and UV exposure can also cause discoloration on the floors. 

Moisture Build-Up Underneath 

This problem can arise with the difference in temperature of the epoxy material and the floor itself.  

The trapped moisture will rise and cause bubbles on the floor’s surface.  

Moreover, moisture under the concrete slab can cause the epoxy to separate from the concrete’s surface.  

A simple moisture test is conducted can help in determining if the floor is ready to receive treatment or not. 

So, avoid having moisture build-up underneath your floors.  

How To Do It?  

  • Make sure your floors are completely dry before the installation.  
  • Allow at least 24 hours between washing the concrete flooring and having an expert install the epoxy. 

Air Bubbles Forming  

Air Bubbles Forming 

Temperature plays an important role in the installation of epoxy.  

Applying epoxy in direct sunlight or under too cold temperature can cause air bubbles in the epoxy floor. Wait! Porous concrete can also be the culprit. 

Air bubbles can also be caused if epoxy is not mixed correctly. 

Mixing it too fast traps air in the epoxy and forms the air bubbles later on.  

So, do not try to pump the paddle mixer up and down or too fast near the surface of the mixture. 

Right proportion of the resin and the hardener is another important factor to consider.   

How To Do It? 

  • Properly prepare the porous concrete so that the epoxy seals correctly.  
  • Check the proportion of epoxy resin and hardener. 
  • When mixing the epoxy, do not mix it too quickly. Same goes with the application process too. Do not rush it.  

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epoxy flooring issue

Epoxy is by far one of the best flooring solutions in the market. The features, characteristics are no doubt praise-worthy but what is even more commendable is that it is budget friendly.  

Yes, to know the floor type that will work the best for you and to get a free quote, contact the best epoxy flooring service provider in Melbourne, Tuff Build.  

If you encounter any issue with your epoxy floor, we are happy to help. From floor resurfacing to simply making your floors look beautiful, we have got you your needs covered. 

We believe that the issues must be nipped directly in the bud before these patches up and gets worse.  

Well, to avoid any headache, it is better to hire professionals as it will save you money, time, and wasteful efforts.  

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